What are the benefits of living on the first floor of Gainesville apartments?

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Your first floor apartment can come with some unexpected perks!

When I moved into my first apartment, my roommate and I were initially less-than-pleased to learn we would be on the first floor. Compared to floors two through five, the first floor seemed like a snore. However, after one week, we agreed it was a score.

In & Out

When your friends and family come over, they will appreciate the easy access to your room. Especially if your parking spot is just feet away from your Gainesville apartment, groceries and suitcases will only require one trip. Gone are the days of lugging your things up flights of stairs or waiting forever to use the elevator. If you come home from school and realize you left your phone or wallet in the car, you get to avoid a lengthy walk back! Even better, if you go for a quick pump at the fitness center or brisk jog around the neighborhood, but left your keys at home, your roommate inside isn't as inconvenienced when you come back to get them.

Saved By The Bus

First floor apartments in Gainesville likely include a patio or at least a sliding glass door, giving you twice the access those with balconies have. In the rare event of a fire or other emergency, you and your roommates can leave the building quicker and easier than most of the rest of the building. Although you likely won't run into this scenario, it could save your life someday should you choose a first-floor spot.

Easy access in-and-out of your Gainesville apartment can figuratively save your life just as well. Let's say you slept past your alarm and are running super late for an important exam or presentation at work. From the first floor, you can dart out the door with ease and still be blowing out your coffee or putting on your bag as you're halfway to your vehicle or bus stop.

Food For Thought

It is easy to talk about the countless benefits of first-floor apartments, but there are a few manageable downsides you should at least be aware of before giving it the green light. First and most obviously, noisy upstairs neighbors or neighborhoods can be a bit of a nuisance; especially if your buildings are across from each other like a grid, sounds from down the street can sound like they're right next-door. You will probably run into something like this no matter where you settle, but first-floor residents can sometimes take the brunt of it.

As with any apartment conflict, a knock on your Gainesville apartment neighbor's door and a face-to-face heart-to-heart can make a world of difference. Staying respectful, calm, and honest is the key to any noise problem. Of course, if this problem persists, then additional steps can be taken as they would in any other living situation.

At the end of the day, you're going to be satisfied with any Gainesville apartment you choose, but it's important to weigh out the pros and cons in regards to what floor you land on. First-floor apartments come with a lot of benefits, but there are always a few risks involved in any new space.

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