I’m interested in looking into a luxury apartment. What do Gainesville luxury apartments have to offer?

Photo of The Flats at Tioga Town Center Apartments See More From:
The Flats at Tioga
The Flats at Tioga are new, spacious, and luxurious.

This town has a number of higher-end luxury Gainesville apartment options. Many of these are newer and more spacious than other Gainesville apartments, and are often located right around campus. These luxury apartments will charge a higher rent than other college rental living options, but will offer much more as far as convenience, amenities, and quality. Many luxury apartments in Gainesville offer larger floor plans and vaulted ceilings, increasing the actual size as well as the perceived size of the units. Walk-in closets and private bathrooms are often standard in these luxury units, and give each roommate more space and privacy to themselves. Oftentimes luxury apartment kitchens will feature newer, name brand appliances, often times in stylish black or stainless steel. Real wood cabinets, crown molding, and designer décor can also be commonly found in Gainesville luxury apartments, as well as a long list of other top-of-the-line features.

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