I'm a new student in Gainesville - What are the best ways to meet other students and make friends?

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Hub 3rd Ave.
With a lot of common areas and resident life activities, Hub 3rd Ave. takes the cake when it comes to meeting new people

Gainesville would probably be just a dot on the map if it weren't for the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. Sure, there's a lot of history in the town and a lot of amazing natural formations but it's really the student presence in this town that has shaped the life in Gainesville. That means there are tons of areas to go and meet other students around your apartment. Go to SwampRental's Apartments Guide to find the apartments near campus to find the best area to meet students.

The best areas to meet students are on campus no matter what time of the year it is. Does that mean you need to live right near campus to meet students? It helps if you want to be completely immersed. Living near campus affords you the chance to take your studying to the campus libraries, have time to make it your classes and have the ability to meet on campus for campus clubs. All of these are the best chances to meet other students and there's nothing easier than living near campus.

If living on or near campus isn't your thing you still have the ability to interact with students daily. Make sure and schedule classes everyday or the week or you may find yourself isolated in an apartment way off-campus. Otherwise, commuting by bus to campus from an apartment off-campus allows you to interact with students while having convenient access to class. On the SwampRental Apartment Guide, expand the Public Transportation option and check off apartments that offer this option (most) in Gainesville.

If going to class or the library isn't your bag and you're there to have fun (I'm jealous) then make sure and scout out appropriate school clubs. If you want to meet a lot of people right away then joining a fraternity or sorority is one of the best options. Professional fraternities such as Alpha Kappa Psi that are co-ed may also be a great option for students that want that daily interaction with new students.

Making new friends in Gainesville isn't a hard process for a student. Students are all there to meet like-minded individuals and all are open to meeting others. The time of your life isn't going to be spent cooped up in your room studying but being out and meeting lifelong college friends. Oh, and if all of this social interacting scares you then check out Southwest Gym and just enjoy a nice workout alone or Gator Nights. People in Gainesville want to be your friend – Especially students.

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