I love my Gainesville apartment, and I’m having lots of fun at college, but where can I find great outdoors activities and locations?

There are plenty of great opportunities to experience nature and the outdoors, in and around Gainesville. For one, Paynes Prairie lies just to the south of Gainesville. You may have noticed driving through it if you took Interstate-75 north to get to Gainesville. A huge outdoor preserve with many remote jogging, biking, and boating trails, Paynes Prairie is home to a huge plethora of fascinating Florida wildlife, and makes a great campout location! The Devil's Millhopper, a park featuring a huge, deep sinkhole, visitors can see all kinds of wildlife and travel over 200 steps to the bottom of the hole, which features many waterfalls created by recent rainfall. Ginni Springs, a short drive outside of Gainesville, is a great day-trip location for Gainesville residents. With beautiful clear, cool, flowing water, Ginni Springs and other springs in the area offer tube rentals that make a great day-long activity for even huge groups of friends to enjoy together.

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