Are there Gainesville apartments that allow pets?

If you're looking for a new home for you and your fluffy (or scaly or slimy or feathered) friend, the apartments in Gainesville offer a lot of options that are sure to make both of you smile. You won't have to worry about your comfort or your animal's when you choose one of these fine complexes to call home, nor do you have to fret over the search process. With, we make it easy for you to find Gainesville apartments that suit both of your lifestyles.

The first step in your journey to your new home is by heading over to the homepage. There is a lot of information, so try not to get too distracted -- I promise, you can come back and check it out later. Right now, you're on the lookout for a big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." It makes sense that this would take you into the apartment guide, which is your best friend (well, second best after Fluffy) when it comes to searching for apartments in Gainesville. You'll be shown dozens of results with hundreds of options to choose from, but it's not as scary as it sounds. You're on your way to finding the best apartments in Gainesville for you and your pet!

You will want to make your way down the page, looking through the options on the left hand side until you see one that says "Pet Policy." When you find that category, you should click the blue plus sign to the right of it. This will give you a drop down menu of choices to choose from. Are you looking for apartments that are cat-friendly? What about places that cater to dogs? Or maybe you're the type to have some other critter, like a fish or bird. No matter who you're "man's best friend" is -- one click of the "Yes" button will narrow down your search of Gainesville apartments for the ones both of you can call home.

Just because your home is pet-friendly doesn't mean your pet will be totally content with just that; they need other things too. Fortunately, there are plenty of apartments in Gainesville that are close to veterinarians, dog parks and whatever else your animal companion would like. You can search for these using the "Distance from a Location" feature, near the top of the screen. Here, you put in the address of the location you would like to live close to, and then you adjust the distance between 0 and 50 miles, depending how far away from it you're willing to live. Once that's put in, the results will refine themselves to only include Gainesville apartments that fall within that mile range.

While this city is home to the Gators, there are plenty of apartments in Gainesville that both you and your pet would be thrilled to call your new home. Best of luck to the both of you!

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