How is Santa supposed to deliver my presents when my Gainesville apartment has no chimney?

Many people move to Gainesville, FL to escape the cold and soak up our subtropical climate. To a lot of folks, the lack of freezing temperatures and, especially, the lack of snow is attractive because we never have to deal with blizzards, miss school for "snow days," or have to stay stuck in our homes for extended periods. That is, our roads never get too blocked up with snow and ice for us to drive.

Because of our climate, few homes in Florida come equipped with chimneys or fireplaces. During the holidays, most folks are focused on Christmas shopping, spending time with family, and decorating their homes with holiday cheer. The more inquisitive Floridians, though, are left with quite a mystery… how exactly is Santa supposed to deliver gifts without his usual entrance?

Rest easy, Santa's been delivering gifts to Gainesville apartments since the first apartment community was built. We know he'll figure it out this year, too.

Answer: Santa Will Have To Slide In, One Way Or Another

If you live in an apartment with a patio or balcony, the answer might be pretty simple. I'm sure old Saint Nick can figure out how to use the sliding glass door. To be a little more considerate of his tight schedule, be sure to have your kids leave the milk and cookies in view of the sliding glass door as a signal to Santa that this is his easiest entrance! No need to leave any of the doors unlocked, Santa understands the importance of keeping your Gainesville apartment locked up, especially around the holidays.

No Need To Sound The Alarm

In the spirit of keeping your home and presents safe, your apartment's alarm system should stay on too. I personally spoke to Santa Claus at the Oaks Mall about this issue, and he informed me about his device that silences any nearby alarms as to avoid waking up the neighbors.

Living alarm systems, like dogs, are another story. If you live in a pet friendly apartment, Santa, or one of his elves, will have to slide through the doggy door. In order for them to do this without waking you or your roommates up, it might be a good idea to slide your dog an extra treat or two before bed so they get a long, deep sleep and don't spoil your Christmas surprise. It might even be best to have your dog sleep in your room that night so the milk and cookies stay intact. Santa will surely appreciate your efforts; a guy that old doesn't need to stress his heart any more than traveling the world in a night already does.

Give Him A Window of Opportunity

Let's say your apartment has no patio or balcony, no doggy door, and no other form of entry other than the front door. Since Florida is a particularly hot state, it's likely your windows can slide open with ease. The great thing about spending the holidays in the Sunshine State is you can leave your window unlocked or open overnight without getting too chilly. In your letter to Kris Kringle, you might want to let him know which window will be unlocked or open so he can get right down to business and deliver the planet's presents on time.

The holidays are an exciting time to appreciate and exchange presents with family and friends. At the end of a particularly challenging year, we need Santa's gifts more urgently than ever. Giving old Saint Nick a helping hand from your chimney-less Gainesville apartment will go a long way, and might even secure a spot for you on next year's nice list!

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