Can I have a gardening hobby while renting Gainesville apartments?

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Have you ever wanted to garden but just didn't have the chance to get started? Moving to Gainesville apartments is a great time to pick up this rewarding hobby, especially if you plan on signing a 12 month lease instead of something more short-term. Plants are the perfect addition to apartment décor, and can even useful for cooking, aromatherapy and discouraging unwanted pests. Although Gainesville apartments with patios provide more options and space for gardening, many plants flourish indoors as well.

Is gardening difficult and costly for beginners?

No – especially if you start slowly and build your way up! Many plants only need a small pot, soil and water to be happy. You can even make your own pot and use seeds found outside or from food, like sunflower seeds. A small drainage dish is enough to keep any leaks and soil contained inside the plant pot. There are many indoor and outdoor plants that need very little care and watering. In fact, they are better off without too much water and fuss. This includes never having to replant them and upgrade to a larger pot. To find out which indoor plants are best for Gainesville apartments, read through this HGTV article on "forgiving" houseplants.

If you decide to pursue gardening at more advanced levels, you can still keep going with the hobby in Gainesville apartments. It can be fun and satisfying to grow rare and delicate plants on your own. Some luxury Gainesville apartments may have spacious patios or balconies to give you extra room and sunlight for additional plants.

What type of plants can I grow and how do I use them?

There are a few different reasons that people choose to pick up gardening. With all the species of plants out there, you can find multiple uses for plants inside Gainesville apartments. Below are a few ideas that may motivate you to pick up gardening.

  • Décor: Creating an eye-catching display of plants on your patio or balcony is great way to decorate your new places. Whether you prefer large, colorful flowers or a greener forest theme, you can transform your patio with gardening. This creates a nice, relaxing setting for enjoying the outdoors without having to leave your apartment.
  • Food: Planting and growing herbs is one of the most popular reasons to pick up gardening when renting an apartment. Many different herbs, such as basil, mint and chives, are easy to grow on a windowsill in smaller containers. If you have extra space and sunlight on your patio, you can grow fruit like raspberries and strawberries as well.
  • Aromatherapy: Combine two hobbies by growing plants that can be used for making essential oils or just enjoying the benefits of calming smells. While there are many different interpretations of benefits of these plants, some popular choices include chamomile, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender and coriander. You can even make tea with some of these plants – just make sure to check the safety guidelines first!

Some plants also help deter pests, like mosquitos, gnats, flies and other bugs. They are perfect additions to your front door or patio to keep unwanted insects out of your apartment.

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