Are there any golf courses near Gainesville apartments?

Although you might not think it, Gainesville has a relatively large variety of choice when it comes to golf. As a golf player, you might want to look into some of the courses or driving ranges available in and around the city. Let me give you a few examples that might make sorting through Gainesville apartments a little bit easier.

If you are affiliated with the University of Florida and are looking for Gainesville apartments near campus, you'll want to check out the Mark Bostick Golf Course, located on the northwest corner of campus. Originally opened in the 1920's and recently renovated in 2001, the course is a par-70 and now spans over 116 acres. Home to the UF golf team and a hot spot for alumni as well as current PGA tour players, you would be remiss not to start your golfing right here.

If you are not connected to the university, do not despair. There are plenty of other golf courses near apartments in Gainesville for you to take advantage of without needing a membership. One of the more popular courses among Gainesville residents is the Ironwood Golf Course.

The Ironwood Golf Course is a par-72 championship course located near Gainesville apartments in the northeastern part of the city. The local course has become a hot spot for tournaments, holding about 50 each year. In addition, it has also attracted praise and recognition from several mediums, including Golf Digest, as a great course to play and test your skills. Unlike the university golf course, Ironwood is open to everyone, so make sure to reserve a good tee time in advance.

Another golf course you may want to check out, if you choose one of the Gainesville apartments in the northwestern part of the city, is the Meadowbrook Golf Club. The course is located on a former Indian Reservation, and was the first course designed by renowned architect Steve Smyers. If you are looking for a place to play golf that has a lot of different environments, this place will be perfect for you.

Meadowbrook prides itself on the variety built within its course. From rolling hills to flat fairways, they claim that you will need every club in your bag in order to make it through. Not only is Meadowbrook a great golf course, it provides a real challenge and a lot of replay value. Every time you visit will be a different experience.

The golf courses I listed here are just a few examples of the great clubs and courses available in the city of Gainesville. There are plenty of other areas for residents to play golf, located all over the city in different parts. When looking at Gainesville apartments, make sure to check what golf course you want to be the closest to. If you need any help looking through all the apartment options, make sure to utilize our search engine on Swamprentals. Let us help you find the best new home for you.

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