I am attending UF Law, are there more secluded student housing areas where its more quiet?

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Mirabella Apartments
Cazabella Apartments is a laid back community within biking distance of the Levin College of Law.

The Levin College of Law at the University of Florida has a variety of community complexes on campus specifically designed for UF graduate students, law students and those who have moved to the area with a family. These housing areas can consist of one to two and three bedrooms, town house units or one-bedroom flats and lofts. The University of Florida's law program does offer roommate selection as it does for its undergraduate students as well. However, these Gainesville apartments will differ from the usual party vibe of the undergraduate community area. You may want to check out our custom list of off-campus apartments for graduate students.

Due to the rigor of the course work in the law school and graduate curriculum, most of the students who reside in the graduate housing areas and more concentrated on the demands of their school work and less concerned with being a social as their fellow undergraduate students. As result, the law housing areas tend to be more relaxed and much more quiet. The area is also newly built and has many upgrades in the town houses and one-bedroom flats. Keep in mind that there are not many apartments in walking distance of the law school. The area is primarily surrounded by residential neighborhoods. You may want to consider living on campus if you will not have a car or dislike public transportation.

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