I love barbecue. How do I find Gainesville apartments with grills?

There is nothing a Gator boy or girl loves more than some good, old-fashioned barbecue - well, except for a football win! Fortunately for you, there are several apartments in Gainesville that offer outdoor kitchens and grills, so you can make all your barbecue dreams come true. Whether it's for a tailgate or just a Tuesday, you'll be thrilled to pop some burgers or hotdogs on the grill whenever you feel like it. Enjoy the Gainesville apartments with sunshine, fresh hair and some delicious barbecue - it'll make your new place feel just like home.

The first step to finding apartments in Gainesville that will leave grill marks on your heart (in the good way) is to head on over to SwampRentals.com. They offer an amazing apartment guide that will show you all the different options you have here in the Swamp. To get there, you just have to find that big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." Once clicked, you'll find yourself amidst dozens of Gainesville apartments and hundreds of features that can refine your search. Don't feel intimidated by all these results - we'll get you where you need to go! Work your way down until you hit the bottom of the page, then hit "Show advanced filters." You'll get even more options! Keep going until you see "Community Features" in the left hand sidebar. Once you click the blue, plus sign next to it. From here, you get a bunch of choices to pick from, but "Outdoor Kitchen" is the one you're looking for. Click the "Yes" button next to it, and the search will adjust so that you only see apartments in Gainesville that have a grill for you to drool over.

As every BBQ-loving Gainesville resident knows, sometimes you just want to eat some yummy brisket and ribs - not necessarily cook it yourself (especially in this crazy weather we're known to have). Trust the fate of your taste buds to the professionals who make their living off of grilling up some goodies. No worries; there are lots of options for barbecue around Gainesville apartments, and you can find them just as easily as we found places with grills! Make your way back to the SwampRentals.com homepage and click the "Find Your Apartment" button. This time when you get to the results page, go to the option that says "Distance to a Location" - it's also in the advanced filters. This blue, plus sign will enable you to put in the address of your favorite BBQ joint - Adam's Ribs, the original Sonny's or somewhere else entirely - and then you adjust the distance. You can change the range from anywhere between 0 to 30 miles. Once you adjust that, the search refines so you only see apartments in Gainesville that are close enough to the barbecue for you to rest and eat easy.

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