I'm new to Gainesville. What's the deal with the "DNA" or Helyx Bridge?

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The Griffin
The Helyx Bridge is right outside your door at The Griffin. Go from your brand new apartment to UF Health or a nature walk in no time.

Have you noticed a glowing spiral DNA shape when you drive around the Gainesville area and not known what you were looking at?


The 13thstreet Helyx bridge is an eye-catching local landmark with a long history and a functional purpose. Formally a railroad bridge, this overpass of SW 13thstreet was remodeled for pedestrian and biker usage. Featuring a recycled aluminum and a rainwater garden for stormwater management, in true Gainesville fashion, the bridge was redesigned with sustainability at the forefront. The pathway is a piece of the Depot Avenue Rail Trail that connects Gainesvillians to South/Sorority Row neighborhood. Gainesville has a network of walking and nature trails that make exploring the city a scenic experience and the Helyx is a must-see part.  


Put the beautiful aesthetics and thoughtful design aside, the Helyx bridge brings a new level of convenience to those who live in its surrounding area. Situated in the bustling area of South Gainesville, the Helyx bridge is right near UF Health, Sorority Row, UF campus, and several apartment complexes. This area is popular amongst student, medical professionals, and nature-lovers alike.

Interested in living in an apartment near the Helyx bridge? Here's why you should do so:

  1. If you are a medical professional: Get to UF health in no time. Save money and time searching for a parking spot and enjoy a beautiful walk to work from your nearby apartment. 
  2. If you're a nature lover: Stay connected to all of the lush nature trails that Gainesville has to offer. The Helyx bridge serves as a formal entryway into the Depot Avenue Rail Trail that extends throughout the city. Explore Payne's Prairie and get emersed in natural beauty just steps from your apartment.
  3. If you're in a sorority: Have a scenic route to chapter meeting when you take the Helyx bridge. Leave the parking and scooter chaos behind and try this functional nature trail instead.  
  4. If you're pre-med: When you have early morning clinicals or need to be at UF Health in an instant, the Helyx bridge can help you be a lifesaver. Experience the calm of nature and avoid expensive limited parking.
  5. If you're biker: Gainesville can be a dream for the biking community. Theres no better place to start than the Helyx bridge. Start on miles of groomed trails from the DNA bridge and get in a beautiful workout.

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