The swamp is so hot! Will it always be this hot? It makes me want to move!

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The Hammocks on 20th
Courtney Greens has a pool to cool down anytime.

Living in apartments in Gainesville give you the advantage to enjoy warmer winters while other Northern States bear the burden of harsh snow for months. The Gainesville area does experience some of Florida’s hottest summers throughout the months of June to August. However, once the fall season has struck its Northern states, you can expect the winter affect to trickle down into the swamp land. Starting around the end of October, you will finally notice that the humid air will begin turning stale and cooler. Living in a community at this time will allow you to turn off your air conditioner unit and open your window to enjoy the weather for months! Not only does this decrease your costs of electricity from November to March, but you still get to enjoy the out doors without have to endure the task of plowing snow from your street! Some native Floridians will still be sporting their sandals and sweatshirts throughout the season! Do not be surprised to find other tourist enjoying the outdoor areas. This is perfect weather for Football and sports fans who are attracted to the University of Florida’s National Champion teams!

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