How do I find Gainesville apartments that are kid-friendly?

When you're looking to live in a college town, particularly one so notorious for student shenanigans, it might seem that there couldn't possibly be apartments in Gainesville in which you could raise a child. Fortunately for you, that sentiment is incorrect. There are countless Gainesville apartments in which you and your kid(s) can live the life you've always wanted. The first step is just checking out

Once you've made it to the homepage, click the big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You'll then be brought to a results page. This can be kind of overwhelming because of the sheer amount of information presented, but we'll work our way through it together. You'll want to scroll all the way to the bottom. Before you ask why, it's so that you can click "Show advanced filters." Now, even more options are presented to you. Now you can check out "Community Features." Click the blue, plus sign next to it and you'll be given a drop down menu with plenty of great options to choose from. Do you want apartments in Gainesville that have a playground or game room? What about a computer lab or after school program? If any (or all) of those sound appealing, just click the "Yes" button next to the ones you want. Your search will then refine itself to only include those Gainesville apartments that have the community features you want.

That's not all, though. You will find that the advanced filters also includes a lot of information regarding school zoning, which is essential when you're looking for a place to raise your kid(s). So long as you remember to hit that plus sign next to the categories, you will be able to select elementary, middle and high schools, as well as zip codes. As you adjust these, your search will limit itself once again to the apartments in Gainesville which meet your criteria. If there's another location you would prefer to be close to, "Distance to a Location" can help you. Put in the address and adjust the slider so that you only see Gainesville apartments that are within 0 to 30 - whatever you specified - miles away from them. also makes it easy to find apartments in Gainesville with more than one bedroom. After all, I'm sure you don't want to share with the kids. This time, your search tool lies at the very top of that results screen. Under "Number of Bedrooms," you can choose anything from a studio apartment to a five bedroom suite. The slider adjusts at both ends, so you can find the range that is acceptable for you and your kids. Then boom - the results only have Gainesville apartments that meet your needs.

Being a parent is enough work without having to worry about finding apartments in Gainesville that are kid-friendly. That's why we're here at; our goal is to make your hunt for your dream home as easy as possible. I hope this helps!

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