I’m subletting an apartment in Gainesville for the summer, but the lease ends before classes end. What are my options?

Subletting an apartment in Gainesville can be a great idea to save money and find a convenient location for summer classes. Unfortunately, many times these summer sublet leases or short term Gainesville leases expire before summer classes end. This can be a confusing and chaotic period that leaves many students scrambling about what to do. There are a few options you can take during this awkward transition period.

Option 1- Stay with a friend

Find a friend that will let you crash at their place. Does one of your friends have an empty room in their three bedroom apartment near UF or comfy couch available? Rely on your pals and save money. While this is the most cost effective, this is also hard to arrange. Many students are gone for the summer and are not in town to offer you a place. If you're lucky enough to have someone in town, definitely try to secure this option. Maybe offer to help with chores, cooking, or groceries to sweeten the deal. If you don't know anyone personally and feel comfortable, try searching the Swamp Rentals UF Sublease and Roommate Search Facebook group.

Option 2- Get a rental

A common way many people find short-term rentals is through sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. These sites offer up local Gainesville residents' home, apartments, or sometimes even RVs as a place to stay when you're in a pinch. While this use to be considerably cheaper than a traditional hotel, but cleaning fees and rising prices have made them more comparable. Most Airbnbs offer renters small toiletries, free parking, and even shared amenities. If you choose this option, make sure to plan ahead, as rentals get booked up quick.

Option 3- Find a budget hotel

Many students will lean on a budget friendly hotel during this gap in between housing. Gainesville has several inns and lower priced hotels that are suitable for someone not trying to spend too much. A lot of the times these hotels have gyms, pools, business centers, and free WIFI to make your stay more enjoyable. Prices will be cheapest if you book in advance, so be sure to grab your room as soon as you can. Here are some economical options that are five miles or less from UF, perfect for summer students:

Holiday Inn Gainesville

Rates around $175/night

Steps from campus

Days Inn by Wyndham

Rates around $79/night

3.9 miles from campus

Value Lodge Gainesville

Rates around $65/night

0.9 miles from campus

Econo Lodge University

Rates around $59/night

1.2 miles from campus

Red Roof PLUS+

Rates around $78/night

1.8 miles to campus

Quality Inn University

Rates around $62/night

1.1 miles from campus

Option 4- Make it a stay-cation

If you're over the stress and want to make the best out of a negative situation, make a staycation out of it. Rent out one of the nicer hotel rooms in Gainesville and relax in luxury. Wake up in a plush bed, grab a steamy shower, stroll around in your robe, and explore Gainesville. Make it fun and split the costs with a friend. Go out for dinner at a local restaurant and then get cozy and rent a movie. This can be a great way to discover one of Gainesville's more unique accommodations:

Magnolia Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Rates around $150/night

1.7 miles from campus

Sweetwater Branch Inn

Rates around $120/night

1.4 miles from campus

Depot Village

Rates around $105/night

1.2 miles from campus

Hotel Eleo at the University of Florida

Rates around $130/night

0.7 miles from campus

Reitz Union Hotel

Rates around $120/night

On campus

AC Hotel Downtown Gainesville

Rates around $140/night

Steps from campus

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