Who do I call if I get locked out of my Gainesville apartment?

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Don't fret, apartment lockouts are annoying, but common. Try these tips to get back into your apartment in no time.

After spending hours in a lecture hall or studying at Marston, you finally come home only to realize that you're locked out of apartment. Don't panic, while getting locked out is annoying, it is common and easily fixed. Here are some tips from Gainesville apartment experts on what do once you've realized you're locked out:

Step 1: Make sure you can't get in 

Before proceeding, search thoroughly for your key and check with any roommates to see if they can let you in. 

Step 2: Is the office open?

If you're locked out during business hours, call your leasing office and they will be able to get you in after confirming your identity. Most apartments have lockout polices, so beware that if this becomes a habit you may have to pay fees.

Step 3: Try the lock out number 

If you're locked out after the leasing office is closed, most apartments have a lock out number for you to call. A community staff member will answer, verify that you are a resident and give you a timeframe for when you will be let back in.

Step 4: Call a locksmith 

Not every complex offers this service, so the alternative is calling a locksmith. Gainesville has plenty of 24/hr locksmith providers to unlock your apartment for you. Search by reviews and location to find the best fit for you. for If the locks have to be changed, be sure to notify the leasing office so you're not violating any rules.

Step 5: Prevent another lockout 

Be sure to take preventative measures so that you don't get locked out again, like having one consistent spot for your keys, putting a tracking device on your keychain or having a spare set, if permitted.      

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