What to do when getting locked out of Gainesville apartments?

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Ufora offers its residents the chance to contact courtesy patrol in case they get locked out of Gainesville apartments and the front office isn't open!
Accidents happen all the time when you live in a new apartment, especially if you live alone. You might forget your keys at a friend's house or misplace them when they slide to the bottom of the seat in your car. Whatever the circumstances may be, you will probably find yourself getting locked out at least once in your life. However, if you live in a 2-bedroom- or 3-bedroom apartment in Gainesville and you get locked out, it's more likely that one of your roommates can eventually rescue you.

Being unable to get into your apartment in Gainesville can be very stressful and make you feel less safe when it occurs. To avoid this, you can start by thinking ahead and making sure certain precautionary plans are put in place to prevent accidents from ever happening.

Avoid Getting Locked Out of Gainesville Apartments

The best way to avoid an accident is to prepare yourself for one. The great thing about thinking ahead is that you can give yourself multiple options to prevent getting locked out. For example, if you know that your Gainesville apartment complex allows you to make a spare copy of your key, you should do it as soon as you move in!

Many places, however, don't allow key copies or they have electronic keys instead, which makes it next to impossible to duplicate on your own. This is commonly seen in luxury apartments because of their elevated amenities and guest safety measures that make living in a more expensive apartment complex more worth the hefty price tag.

If your apartment in Gainesville won't allow you to copy a key or you simply can't get the key duplicated because it has electronic components to it, you can always tell the front office you lost your current key, pay for a new one, and use that second key as a spare in case of emergencies.

Contact Your Gainesville Apartment Leasing Office

During normal leasing office hours, you can try and reach out to the manager, maintenance personnel, or courtesy patrol working for your specific apartment complex to see if they can get someone to help open your Gainesville apartment door. The front office or someone who works there should have a master key that allows them to open any apartment on the property.

Of course, this hack is only available to you if you lose your key during regular working hours. If you find yourself late at night or too early in the morning without a key to your apartment, you will have to call an after-hours locksmith or another independent business to help instead.

Reach Out to a Locksmith 

Worst case scenario, you might need to shell out some cash and hire a locksmith to come and open your door for you. Normally, when a locksmith comes to your house or apartment, they must break the lock to get in and then you pay them to replace it. This can get expensive but some affordable options like Be Secure Locksmith and Mobile Locksmith are local to the Gainesville area, are affordable, and are quick to answer when you need their help!

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