I’m alone in my apartment often. How do I make friends in Gainesville?

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The Hammocks off 6th
The Hammocks off 6th have plenty of spaces around your Gainesville apartment to get out and meet those in your community, including this grill and tables by the pool.

When many are attending school, making friends seems to come easy, you meet people in class or studying in the library, but as our use and reliance on technology grows, combined with so much of our time spent at work, you may find that it is harder to make friends around your non-student apartment in Gainesville. We have some ideas that you may find useful, as you transition to the next stage in life past college and make friends.


First, look for a Gainesville apartment near locations or activities you might enjoy. After college, some prefer to move off campus to downtown Gainesville, Celebration Pointe or towards Tioga or Haile area. Location sometimes depends on your work location, commute time or if you have a favorite spot to hang out after work. Make sure to explore all Gainesville's neighborhoods before making your choice, as there are many great options in Alachua County.

You may prefer to live on your own in a one-bedroom apartment or maybe an apartment with roommate matching may help you meet new people in Gainesville. Either way, an apartment with resident activities or a swimming pool may be an excellent fit to meet your neighbors. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment, you may see the same pet owners out walking their dogs and the mutual interests may help. The key is to get out in the community, start conversations with your neighbors, people you see out and you will be surprised on how quickly you find friends.


Many activities around Gainesville revolve around exploring nature. Sweetwater Wetlands is a great place to see wildlife with other nature lovers or if you enjoy photography. If you enjoy bike riding, check out the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail, or go hiking in the San Felasco Hammock Preserve. If you are a creative person, try Painting with a Twist, Corks & Colors Studio, or Roots Plant Studio. Join a gym with group fitness classes you enjoy. Check out your local library, or perhaps join a book club. Find a cause you believe in, find time to volunteer for that cause, and connect with those with the same interests or passions. Take a cooking class at The Fat Tuscan. Join a social media group that interests you in your area but make sure it meets off the internet for a genuine connection. It is easier to make friends with people when you have a mutual interest and finding a hobby is a great start to making those connections.


There are so many fun events happening year-round near your Gainesville apartment. Depot Park is a popular spot year-round, to hang out or for multiple special events. From sporting events cheering on the Florida Gators, shows at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to trivia nights at local breweries or various venues to enjoy live music, we are confident you will find many events that get you out in the community and plentiful opportunities to make friends. Check out the Visit Gainesville website or if you have children, Fun 4 Gator Kids has a complete calendar and resource of local family-friendly events for Gainesville and the surrounding community.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to meet people around your new apartment in Gainesville and get closer to making solid friendships outside of work as you transition into your career.

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