Are there any nature trails near Gainesville apartment communities?

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Cottage Grove
Access to nature trails are convenient and easy at communities like Cottage Grove

For a hot and humid Florida town (especially in the summer!), nature trails are a must for those looking to stay in shape and/or just to enjoy the beauty of our landscape. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for an apartment community is being near one of Gainesville's hidden gem nature trails, if you love being outdoors. There are nature trails all over Gainesville that make any run, picnic, or cycling trip beautiful and enjoyable. Varying in length from a quarter of a mile to dozens of miles, any resident of Gainesville really needs to know where to look to find them—but look no further!

If you already have a favorite nature trail in mind, you can use's Gainesville Neighborhoods page to narrow down apartments near it—whether it be Bivens Arm, the trails of Lake Alice, or Payne's Prairie—that fit your lifestyle and needs. 

If you don't have a favorite trail in mind yet, don't stress! Here are some of our favorite apartment communities near gorgeous nature trails and preserves to help get you started on your search:

Bivens Cove Apartments

Bivens Cove provides the best of both worlds; this apartment community is only one mile from UF campus and is directly adjacent to Bivens Arm Nature Preserve, a beautiful and secluded sanctuary. In this community, you won't miss out on campus life, but you'll also experience a serene natural landscape that is not attainable in most Gainesville apartments.

Cottage Grove Apartments

Near Williston Road and 13th Street lies an apartment community near several nature trails. Tobacco Road is a great running loop on a dirt/clay road. Additionally, if you head east on Williston Road, you will find a dozen connected trails to the La Chua Trail. Also nearby is a small nature trail off of 13th Street north of Williston Road. With all of these options, Cottage Grove is clearly a great apartment choice for a nature junkie!

The Bartram Apartments

Directly across from The Bartram on the north side of Archer Road is a small network of bike loops and nature trails, some of which are hidden and secluded. Moreover, where Surge Area Drive and Archer Road meet, there is a group of nature trails perfect for walking or taking a casual jog around to check out the nature.

Cazabella Apartments

On the corner of 34th Street and 2nd Avenue is Cazabella Apartments, which lies near a beautiful nature trail called Green Acres Nature Park. The park's entrance is located at SW 38th Street and 6th Place, a short jog from Cazabella. This park even features a communal garden! Find information on Green Acres Park and many more parks in Gainesville here.

On or near campus

Many apartments are located very close to campus and feature a connected network of trails around campus. Looping around beautiful Lake Alice is a great bike network with multiple trails branching off into the woods.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of apartment communities and nature trails in Gainesville. Continue your search with Swamp Rentals and get to exploring Gainesville's natural beauty for yourself!

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