I grew up on Gator Football and I’m stoked for football season. How can I find an apartment in Gainesville within walking distance of the stadium?

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Welcome to Gainesville, home of Florida football. I'm sure this a question a lot of new residents will have over the years. Being nearby the stadium will be great for football season, but also for classes. Being in an apartment in Gainesville within walking distance of the stadium, residents can just walk or bike to campus as well as during football season walk or bike to the games, and not have to worry about trying to find parking when the campus is literally packed with cars and people! Additionally, we all know our college years are the times to have fun and party, so being able to walk home from the bars in the Midtown area is a great, and safe, advantage as well.

Using our Swamprentals.com apartment search guide is a great way to start your hunt for your new apartment in Gainesville. SwampRentals.com offers around 300 search criteria in order to help you narrow down your options of apartments in Gainesville, so you don't have to worry about examining every apartment in Gainesville since there are 50 or more different apartments in Gainesville! You can choose a new apartment in Gainesville based on different criteria such as: rental rates, number of bedrooms, if it's pet-friendly, and of course if it near the football stadium. To begin your search for your new apartment go down to where it says “Search All Apartments” then look on the left to where it says “Distance to a Location” then input the address for the football stadium and choose the amount of miles you'd prefer your apartment in Gainesville to be away from the stadium. Once you've input your information, our website will provide you with a list of options which include all your requests for your apartment including ones that are within the specified mileage of the football stadium.

There are two other options to help you in finding your apartment in Gainesville near the football stadium. One of those options is to use the easy apartment search guide and go to where it says “Neighborhood”. Click on the box where it says Mid-Town Gainesville and our innovative search tool will populate all of the apartments in Gainesville which are located in the Mid-Town area which is in close proximity to the football stadium. The other way to find an apartment in Gainesville near the football stadium is to go down where it says “Miles to UF” and choose a specified mileage you'd like to be away from campus. Using this option, you will find apartments in Gainesville that are close to campus and typically most students can easily walk to the stadium from their apartments that surround the UF campus.

After you've completed your search, take a look at the options that remain: what amenities they offer and how much they cost, select the apartment in Gainesville that is the best fit for your football-centered lifestyle. You could also further investigate your options by going out to those apartments in Gainesville and physically looking yourself and making that walk to campus or the stadium, making sure it is everything you expect it to be. There you go, your new swamp-style apartment in Gainesville, Go Gators!

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