I love to cook! What are some of the best grocery stores near Gainesville apartments where I can stock up on ingredients?

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So you're an Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen, huh? First off, can I be your friend? Second, when is dinner? All jokes aside, apartments in Gainesville are very convenient to a wide variety of grocery stores and local markets that are sure to satisfy your grocery shopping spree.

Publix is by far, the most well-known and frequented grocery stores near Gainesville apartments. This Florida-based supermarket chain has over a dozen locations in the city, so there is sure to be one with a short distance of your home. Publix carries a variety of name brand foods and other grocery items. They also specialized in fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, seafood…the list is endless! Some locations even offer local brands manufactured in or around the area, so it really is a one-stop-shop for anyone. With convenient online ordering from their deli or bakery, Publix is the top choice for many residents.

If you're looking for something a little more eclectic, some Gainesville apartments are near specialized grocery chains. Trader Joe's is very convenient for apartments near UF; however people travel from all corners of the city to shop here. With a variety of signature items, including their famous wine selection and spices, you won't find these goods in any other store across the area. Lucky's Market is another unique grocery option for those searching for less-commercialized products. Based out of Colorado, this small chain prides itself on natural, organic food and partnerships with local farmers. They are also known for their "sip and stroll" concept, which allows shoppers to grab a pint of local craft beer or wine while they shop! Ward's Supermarket also takes part in the buy local, sell local concept. This family owned and operated grocery store was founded right here in Gainesville and has been in operation since 1951!

For those who prefer purely local grocery shopping, some apartments in Gainesville can be found near a weekly outdoor farmer's market. With locations sprinkled about the city, residents are welcome to come buy all of their produce, bakery items and more straight from the source. The Haile Farmers Market and Union Street Farmers Market are just a couple of the well-known locations around the city.  Be sure to check out Visit Gainesville for a full list of farmer's market locations.

No matter how you gather your food and ingredients for your recipes, the best apartments in Gainesville for cooking typically have large, spacious kitchens. If that kitchen happens to have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, then clean-up will be a breeze! That is unless of course, you just make your friends, such as myself, do the dishes. Which in this case, I would be happy to do so after a delicious home cooked meal! 

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