I just got a new camera and I want to see what it can do! What are some of the best places to capture photos of nature and wildlife near Gainesville apartments?

As a Gainesville renter, you are lucky that there are a TON of opportunities to capture the essence of Florida wildlife with your new camera…come to think of it, it's hard to think of a better area in the state where you can get as up close and personal with nature as you can here in North Central Florida! With some of the best apartments in Gainesville being super close to many of these natural preserves, you are left with multiple options and a variety of wild subjects for you to point your camera lens at.

Gainesville apartments are near a very well-known wildlife preserve, Paynes Prairie. This park and nature preserve is visited by many people from all over the country, not just Gainesville residents. It is located about twenty minutes south of Downtown Gainesville, accessible by Interstate 75, and is known for its amazing wildlife sightings, hiking and bird watching. Florida's true swampland can be found at the prairie, as this is the place where you are almost guaranteed to see an alligator in the wild! Other wildlife may include wild horses, deer and bison. If you decide to take a hike on one of the many trails of the prairie, please exercise caution around these wild animals. Keep a close distance from any animal you encounter do not disrupt their natural habitat.

If raw nature isn't really your scene, apartments in Gainesville are also near locales such as San Felasco Hammock State Park and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. San Felasco can best be described as an enchanted forest; the massive oak trees and hanging Spanish moss give it a very majestic atmosphere. It's a hot-spot for horseback riders and cyclists alike. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is known for its beautiful, extensive gardens. Visitors love their relaxing and scenic strolls among an assortment of flowers and plants. The gardens also host a variety of special events, so keep an eye on their calendar if that is your scene.

If you're looking for nature but also want to cool down, look no further than Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It is a bit of a drive, being about an hour north of Gainesville apartments. However, it is definitely worth the trek! Grab your friends and an inner tube while the river winds you down through the lush Florida landscape. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing are all very popular activities to take part in at the park. If you're lucky, you may even encounter a manatee!

If you like a side of history lesson with your wildlife, locations like O'Leno State Park and Morningside Nature Center will offer up a bevy of stories! Although O'Leno State Park is known for its great camping and swimming, the area used to be a small, thriving town before it became an official park. There is a ton of history to discover, along with the River Sinkhole; the river looks like it disappears, only to reemerge later! Morningside Nature Center has great featured events, such as Living History Days, which allows visitors to experience daily life as it was back in 1870. This interactive lesson will take guests through chores and activities of a typical farm-hand back in the day.

Apartments in Gainesville have a ton of options when it comes to enjoying nature and wildlife. Some communities may even back-up to natural areas, which allow you to capture the true essence of Florida from your patio or balcony!

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