I’m trying to find an apartment within walking distance of UF. What are some of the neighborhoods I should be looking in?

It's all about location, location, location! Having an apartment in Gainesville that is close to UF offers many advantages. If you don't want to pay to park on campus, living close will allow you to easily walk or bike to class. With an apartment near campus, you also have access to great local restaurants, shops and entertainment -- which is especially handy when looking for places to gather with friends at the end of a long week!


Gainesville's Midtown apartments are located on the north end of campus, across from the football stadium. This is a prime location if you want to be involved in student life at the University of Florida. Having an apartment across from the stadium also means you won't have to worry about finding parking when there is a home game -- a truly difficult feat. Some of the most popular bars and restaurants are located in Midtown, so being close means you won't have to worry about venturing far from home. Here, you are also close to UF's library and computer labs, which are perfect if you ever want to stay late for a study session. Downtown Gainesville's shops and eateries are just a few short blocks away, which is only about a 20-minute walk. Recently Midtown has started undergoing a bit of a facelift. There are new apartments, businesses and restaurants coming to the area. If you want to live in a student-focused area, look no further than an apartment in Midtown.

Sorority Row & South

Having an apartment in the Sorority Row & South neighborhood gives you easy access to Downtown, Midtown and campus! If you are thinking about joining a sorority, why not have your apartment close to Sorority Row? Here, you're also close to UF Health Hospital. If you're in the medical program and looking to take a position at the hospital, this neighborhood might be a good fit. This part of Gainesville is also quieter with less traffic. Apartments here are also close to some wonderful nature spots, including Payne's Prairie, Bivens Arm Nature Park Trail and Lake Wauburg. If living close to campus is a priority, but you also want some breathing room, look no further than this neighborhood!

West Gainesville

Apartments in West Gainesville are surrounded by beautiful nature and a wide-variety of local activities. West Gainesville starts at 34th Street, between NW 8th Ave and Butler Plaza, and extends west to 91st Street. The closer you are to 34th Street, the closer you are to campus which means there is less of a commute. In this neighborhood you can find the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Harn Museum of Art, the Butterfly Rainforest and the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. All of these unique places have a variety of events going on throughout the year, whether it be a guest speaker, a play or a new and exciting art exhibit. The Phillips Center always has something interesting going on. To check out their calendar of events, click here. Apartments in this Gainesville neighborhood are also close to the Oaks Mall. Also nearby is Gainesville Health & Fitness, movie theater and many delicious eateries. This neighborhood is ideal for anyone wanting the comforts of student life without the headaches of living so close to campus. There are also some great options for cheap apartments that don't skimp on style or amenities.

No matter what neighborhood you choose to live in, you can't go wrong with living close to campus! There is most certainly something for everyone!

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