What are some tips for a first time apartment renter in Gainesville?

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Tips for the first-time renter

Moving out and renting an apartment in Gainesville on your own for the first time can be a very intimidating task. It is a necessary task however, and by following a few simple tips it can make the entire scary experience a lot less intimidating. Apartments in Gainesville are abundant so learning how to narrow down your list of suitable places to live is extremely vital in your search for your first apartment. Hopefully after following a few straight-forward tips your search for a Gainesville apartment becomes a little less stressful.

Rent Price and Budget

As a first time apartment renter, one of the most important things you can do to kick-off your search for a Gainesville apartment is to set a healthy budget. Rental prices vary greatly based on location, so remember to create a budget specifically for Gainesville apartments. Look at the average cost in the area and build your budget from there. Using this helpful hint serves as a wonderful starting off point in the search for your first Gainesville apartment. You can search SwampRentals.com for budgets like apartments under $1,000 and apartments under $600

Budgets are of utmost importance when it comes to moving out on your own for the first time. It's vital that within your budget you account for extras as well as your monthly rent in your Gainesville apartment. Some extras that should be taken into account include electricity, water, cable, and internet. It's also important to keep in mind that some Gainesville apartments include these extras in your monthly rent payment. So if you were to find an apartment that was a little bit out of your monthly rent budget, but includes these extras in the total it might actually be within your range. Making sure that you come up with a total budget for your Gainesville apartment that includes rent and extras can save you a lot of time and hassle when searching for an apartment. Check out our UF cost of living guide to get a comprehensive sense of how your budget will be used while in Gainesville. 

Guarantors and Co-Signors

Since this is your first time apartment, you don't have rental history or a previous landlord that will "vouch" for you. Oftentimes, first time renters have not built up a credit score yet, and might not have money saved for a deposit. Fear not, with so many college students around apartments in Gainesville are super familiar with first time renters. Most apartments in the area accept guarantors for the lease.

A guarantor is someone who is most likely related to you (or just loves you) that can help you apply for an apartment and guarantee that you'll pay rent every month. If you fail to pay the rent, the guarantor will be liable for the moneys owed. Be mindful of who it is though – if you end up signing the lease and you're late on rent one month, you're at risk of damaging your guarantor's credit and rental history.

You can always qualify on your own if you make 2-3x the monthly rent each month and can meet the credit score requirements. If not, don't sweat it– having a guarantor for your first time apartment is a common choice.

Renters' Insurance

It's a common misconception that your personal property is covered by your landlord. This isn't true. For example, if your apartment home and personal items are damaged by fire, you are responsible for replacing them, not your landlord. Therefore, a renter's insurance policy is a great value and offers peace of mind. They are typically only a few hundred dollars per year and cover electronics, furniture, clothing, and other household items. Many policies also include loss of use coverage and liability coverage so shop around for a great policy to meet your needs.

Neighborhoods and Apartment Types

It's so important to explore the neighborhood of a possible Gainesville apartment before agreeing to move in. The apartments may seem nice, the rent might be within budget, but there are many problems that may arise if you are unhappy with your neighborhood. It might be too far from work or school, you may not like the selection of stores and restaurants your neighborhood has to offer, or it may just be located in an area that doesn't fit with your lifestyle or budget. Location can truly mean everything when it comes to the happiness you'll experience in your new apartment in Gainesville.

Apartments in Gainesville offer a wide variety of options. From student-centric properties to conventional apartment homes, there is something for every phase of life. You may need a furnished apartment, 1 bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment, or an apartment near Downtown Gainesville. Maybe you're looking for an apartment near green space like Depot Park or something further away from the center of Gainesville in the Newberry, Tioga and Haile neighborhoods. No matter what type of apartment you're looking for, or where it's located, SwampRentals.com can help you find the perfect place.

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