I am relocating with my family for a new job at UF Health, any tips on finding apartments in Gainesville that are not student-focused?

Gainesville is a hub of activity with a thriving, diverse population, a flourishing downtown and, of course, Gator pride. Whether you are moving to work for the prestigious University of Florida or simply to raise a family in a smaller town with heart, Gainesville is a great choice. A few things to get excited about are the developments in Butler Plaza, with loads of brand new shops and restaurants as well as new grocery stores like Aldi and Whole Foods opening within the last two years. You may worry about an abundance of student- geared activities that come with the University of Florida, but don't worry, there are tons of family-friendly UF activities like taking older children to Gator Games or experiencing the homecoming parade. And in a city surrounded by gorgeous nature and parks, you'll never run out of places to take the kids exploring!

With Gainesville being such a college town, it can be a challenge to locate apartments that are not geared toward students, here are some tips on how to use Swamp Rentals to find non-student apartments.

1. Search your budget "by the apartment" and look for apartments that are leased by the entire apartment rather than by the bedroom.

If you're searching for a non-student apartment in Gainesville, you'll want to avoid contacting communities who have apartment pricing listed by the bedroom. These apartments are geared toward students and allow each student to sign an individual lease. If you are relocating and renting a conventional apartment, you'll want to look for options that offer joint leases (for the entire apartment) since you'll surely want to rent more than just one room.  

2. Look for home-quality apartment features and amenities that your family will enjoy.

Check out amenity lists and photos and look for in-home features and amenities that will fit your lifestyle. For example, wood-style flooring is easy to maintain and clean up after pets, garbage disposal makes dinner cleanup easier, and space for a dining room table is a must if you enjoy gathering for meals.

3. Pay close attention to proximity to your work place or children's schools.

Gainesville might be a small town, but the traffic can make you feel like you're in a big city during peak commute times while classes at UF are in session. We'd recommend finding an apartment that is on the same side of campus as your place of work or children's schools so that you do not have to commute past campus during peak times. Alternatively, you might choose an apartment with quick access to the Archer Road, Williston Road, or Newberry Road I-75 ramps. I-75 runs North to South on the West side of Gainesville, and apartments near I-75 can allow you to quickly commute from the north side to the south side (or vice-versa) without waiting in traffic.

4. Neighborhoods you'll want to check out

Archer Road- Archer boasts a large variety of shops, restaurants, and grocery store options with new establishments popping up in Butler Plaza ever year.

West Gainesville- The Oaks Mall and Newberry Road are located in this area of town, encouraging the development of more residential neighborhoods in close proximity to both campus and the outer boroughs of Gainesville.

Northwest Gainesville- This is certainly Gainesville's most residential neighborhood, with many subdivisions full of both houses and great apartment options alike.

No-go zones: Apartments in Midtown and the College Park neighborhood near campus are generally geared towards student living and might not be quite as compatible with families.

Gainesville has many draws for a young family: education oriented, high volume of college-aged babysitters and a bustling campus full of family-friend UF events, just to name a few. So pack your bags, add some orange and blue to your closet, and prepare for the big move!

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