What are the pros and cons of living in apartments in Gainesville vs the dorms on campus?

If you're moving to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida, you may be faced with the following decision: should I live in the dorms or find an off-campus apartment? The choice you make can be dependent on a number of different factors, including price, location and convenience. While some students choose to go the traditional route and claim their bed in a cramped dorm room, others may choose to have a little more freedom and live off-campus in Gainesville apartments. However, it is very important to look at the pros and cons of each choice before you make your final decision.

Freedom in Apartments vs. Dorms

Apartments in Gainesville are often chosen over living in traditional dorms on campus because of the freedom that comes with them. Some dorms on campus may have strict rules when it comes to visitors, curfews, quiet hours or redecorating. If you decide to live off-campus, you pretty much have free reign to do whatever you please! Of course, many communities still have rules and regulations, so you will want to make sure you study up on those and abide by the law.

Gainesville apartments will typically allow you to decorate your new home however you want. Be sure to check up on the painting policy as well as art hanging policy. You may have to repaint and/or fill in nail holes when you move out of your apartment, but for many the benefit of being able to decorate their own personal space far outweighs the work it takes to turn your unit back into a blank canvas.

Roommates in Apartments vs. Dorms

Gainesville off-campus apartments will allow you to live alone or choose your own roommates. In a dorm setting, you are typically sharing a bedroom with at least one other person. Most Gainesville apartments offer the privacy of your own bedroom and even bathroom. Some of the more traditional-style dorms have you sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of people! Again, there is nothing wrong with this collegiate experience, but some students may opt for a little more privacy.

Parking in Apartments vs. Dorms

Gainesville apartments also offer less of a headache when it comes to parking your vehicle. We all know how crazy and frustrating it can be to find parking on campus. Even if you have a parking pass or a designated spot, it's almost impossible for your family or friends to find parking when they come to visit. Many off-campus apartments offer entire parking lots, even parking garages, to allow their residents and their guests free parking.

How will you get to class on UF Campus?

Many apartments in Gainesville cater to the student population, even though they are not located directly on campus. There are several dozen options when it comes to living just as close to campus as you can get without actually living in a dorm. Even if the community is located a few miles away, there is an amazing bus system that runs around the clock to ensure that students get to campus easily and safely. Many of these off-campus communities offer student-centric amenities as well, such as a big social calendar full of resident activities, 24-hour fitness centers and resort style pools.

Benefits of Living On the University of Florida Campus

While there are many perks to living in off-campus Gainesville apartments, it is important to consider the benefits to living in a dorm as well. Dorms are traditionally a little more affordable than off-campus housing. There is also a great feeling about being able to wake up and literally roll out of bed and into class. You are directly on campus and get a front row seat to all of the fun Gator athletic events and tailgates. Campus security is also a great resource for your safety while living on campus. And last but not least, living in a dorm is great for those who wish to experience the traditional collegiate lifestyle. However, living in a dorm is not for everyone, so that is when apartments for UF freshmen in Gainesville may be a viable option for your needs. 

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