Any tips for hosting a low-budget paint night in Gainesville apartments?

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The Wynwood offers it's residents access to washers and dryers, perfect for possible spills and stains occuring during a super fun paint night with friends!

If you find yourself wanting to expand your creative and artistic horizons, but you don't have a very forgiving budget, there are ways to make art without needing a lot of money to start. Painting by yourself can be relaxing, but if you're looking to plan a fun activity for you, your roommates, and some of your closest friends, hosting a paint night is the way to go.

Although hosting a paint night can seem like a lot of work, going to painting studios with a large group is only ever worth it if you get a good deal or plan for it at least a week in advance. If your paint night is more lowkey and last-minute, it will most likely have to take place in your apartment instead.

Pick the Right Place to Paint in Gainesville Rentals

The first and most important step to hosting a successful paint night is to find out exactly where in your apartment you'd like to host people. Depending on how many people show up, the main living room might be the best area to gather everyone. For a smaller group of people, somewhere like your Gainesville apartment bedroom or the patio or balcony might be a better fit.

Something to keep in mind is that paint can stain your counter spaces and carpets. Not to mention it can stain your clothes too, which is why having a working washer and dryer will come in handy in case you spill. Painting can get very messy, so choosing the appropriate painting space can make a big difference in how much you need to clean up afterward.

Gather the Correct Materials in Gainesville Apartments

The basics of all paintings include some sort of canvas, sponges or brushes, liquid medium for the paint, and paints that will show up on the canvas. Although all of these come in various forms, shapes, and materials, most of the time people reduce the possibilities down to more expensive and common materials. Using paper, brushes, paint, and paper shouldn't be the only things you limit yourself down to using in apartments in Gainesville. Instead, thinking outside of the box can save you more money.

For example, if you live in an apartment with utilities included, you won't have to worry about getting water because it's already bought and paid for. In terms of canvases, using old cardboard boxes or recycling paper from your local library can be a free alternative to buying expensive canvases. Another tip is to thrift old, cheap paintings and just paint over them.

In terms of painting materials, acrylic and pastel paints can get super pricey. If you are hosting a lot of people in your Gainesville apartment, you need a good amount of paint. Instead, asking for everyone to pitch in or making homemade paint can cut down paint costs dramatically. A cool way to make DIY paint is to use the pigments from the fruits and vegetables from your fridge to make a more natural and edible paint. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but it also creates more interesting colors for your art masterpieces, a technique famous artists have used before.

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