Why do Gainesville apartments charge extra for parking?

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A lot of people take issue when apartments charge "extra" for parking. New residents at Gainesville apartments often wonder why complexes charge for parking, as it clearly must be disadvantageous to them. After all, an apartment complex that doesn't charge for parking is going to be more competitive, right?

Well, it turns out that paying for parking isn't actually as bad as we all think. In fact, at any of these Gainesville apartments where parking is free, you are already paying for parking. This is true even if you don't even have a car.

These parking fees are actually used for the maintenance of the parking area, which are paid by all apartments in Gainesville. If a complex is boasting free parking, what this really means is that the parking fee is included in your rent. This has the unfortunate bonus of forcing all residents to pay for their cars, regardless of whether they have them with them or not.

Gainesville apartments that have a parking fee are actually just separating the fee from the rent. This way, no one who doesn't bring a car has to pay for the parking area. So while it may seem like a cheap way to grab some money, it is actually advantageous in giving residents a choice paying.

The downside to having a parking fee is that people with cars will have to pay more, because less residents are contributing. That's just the price of choice.

People who do pay for parking at Gainesville apartments will get an additional bonus, however, in that they will not have to fight for parking. Some complexes even have assigned parking spaces, so you don't have to worry about where you need to go every day.

Parking fees also prevent non-residents from parking in your designated area. If you are living in one of the Gainesville apartments that are close to midtown or downtown, you would have a lot of issues with bar goers taking up all the parking space. Having a fee prevents this from happening.

You don't need to worry about guest parking in Gainesville apartments either. Most Gainesville apartments with parking fees will have guest spots for visitors of their residents. Some complexes require a rented out pass from the front office, so make sure that you know the policies of where you are living. You don't want your friends getting towed.

So, having a parking fee at Gainesville apartments may not be as bad as we might have thought. Not only do you get more choice, but you also are able to protect your parking area. All in all, it seems like a good deal.

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