What questions should I ask when touring Gainesville apartments?

Hunting for an apartment can seem never-ending, especially in a popular town, like Gainesville, with lots of apartment options to choose from. It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed by all of the different amenities, features, layouts and locations. To keep things stress-free, it is imperative to plan ahead and distinguish your must-haves from the items you are willing to bend on. Generally speaking, it is always good to start with your must-haves and work your way to more nuanced concepts like aesthetics. This will help you prioritize your needs and keep you on track to finding the perfect Gainesville apartment.

The first question when touring apartments in Gainesville is whether or not it fits your basic needs. For example, can this apartment fit within your monthly budget, potentially with the addition of utilities if they are not included? If it is slightly out of your price range, you can always ask if they offer a similar unit with more bedrooms, thus lowering the rent per-person. You can always look for units with a specific price range such as under $600 a month, that way you know from the start if it's within reach. Additionally, if you have pets it is always extremely important to ask if they welcome furry friends. Don't get your hopes up on an apartment that you can't bring your beloved pet home to!

After you have determined if the apartment meets all of your essential needs, it is a good idea to ask if this apartment fits your lifestyle. Tons of apartments in Gainesville are student-focused and are home to a primarily college student demographic. If this is something you want, that's great! However, it is always a good idea to ask if the community caters mostly to students, families, or anywhere in-between. If you are still wary about the possibility of being woken up by a raging party at 1 am on a Tuesday, you can always narrow your search to non-student apartments for more traditional living arrangements.

The final question to ask yourself before choosing a place to call home is the seemingly obvious question of ‘do you like this apartment?'. This may seem like an overly simple question, but the answer is very different for everyone. Some people focus on amenities and features while another may be more focused on location or price. Furthermore, one person may swoon over an apartment with upgraded features like stainless steel appliances, in-unit washers and dryers, and wood-style flooring, while another's ultimate decision may be determined by its proximity to the University of Florida campus. It is always easier to answer this question for yourself by making a list before you start your Gainesville apartment search. This way you can gain a clear understanding of your likes and dislikes, budget, ideal location, and preferred amenities.

Always make sure you have the most important questions answered before signing a lease. Questions such as these are invaluable and should never be overlooked. If you are well prepared with a set of questions and a pro/con list, you can confidently make a decision and won't hesitate when the perfect unit becomes available!

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