I hate the sound of construction – Where can I live in Gainesville that isn’t ridiculously loud?

Maybe the big city isn't for you. Maybe the bane of your existence is those construction hammers that wake you up at 6 am. Whether it's bars, football games or construction, Gainesville always has something going on. The one common factor to these activities are the loudness. To some students that means the best living situation is something far away. Out of sight and out of mind anything louder than a woodpecker. 

In general the downtown area of Gainesville is something you want to avoid. There are bars, clubs and apartments sprouting up left and right. Gainesville isn't New York City but you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between here and any decent sized city in the south. Parties are common at these apartments (looking at you 2nd Avenue) and that might be a major deterrent if you're a lover of silence.

Outside of downtown, an area to avoid is Midtown and near the north side of campus by University Ave. Bars galore and game days are fun to navigate through on weekends. This area is perhaps the loudest and largest area of activity in Gainesville on any given night.

So avoid midtown and downtown, right? Is everything else good to go?
You'll have a much better time avoiding construction, drunks, and loud traffic and activity south of Archer Road and north of NW 16th Ave. These areas have their own charm to them and you may grow fond of the secluded nature that some of these communities offer.

On the SwampRentals Apartment Guide map, click around through units away from the north and east side of campus. The further away from the main roads and this area you get, the better off you'll be finding a quiet natured apartment community.

Say you absolutely cannot live near construction… Where can you be sure of won't have construction?
Try the areas about a mile south of Archer Road off of 13th St. You'll find some great units here that are older with no empty lots ready to sprout up and ruin your mornings. Traffic is minimal here (and bus accessible close by!) and the managers have long, happy relationships with students here.

Oh, and there isn't a bar within a three miles and plenty of nature trails.

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