What’s the best way to move from one Gainesville apartment to another?

You might be looking for the best way to approach transferring between two different apartments in the city of Gainesville. The good thing is that you are probably familiar with the area due to your prior living situation, but that doesn't mean that moving to a different apartment in Gainesville won't be somewhat stressful. Just because it's in the same city doesn't mean you won't have to acclimate a little bit.

Sometimes unfavorable living situations, a desired change of scenery, occupational changes, and other life events can push you to move from one place to another. Whether you move far away from your old apartment or just down the street, the process to move out is the same no matter how you approach it.

Organize Your Packing Process 

When you move out of an apartment, you can sometimes get caught off guard by the number of things that accumulated in that space over time. It can quickly get overwhelming if you have very little time to pack up your things, especially if you have a short-term lease that is about to expire. Believe it or not, there is a systematic way to approach a big move.

The first step is to purchase boxes, storage containers, packing tape, and a marker. These things will help your store your items. Next, develop a coding system for the boxes using numbers and letters. Assign each room to a letter (e.g., the bedroom is A), and the numbers will correspond to a list of items found in that box. This is when you'll make a list of what's in the boxes. This list can be concise. If you move into your new house and are looking for bedroom boxes, look to the letter and number that correspond to your list. This way you don't even have to open the box to know what's inside of it.

Although this might seem extra, it will help relieve a lot of packing stress that is sure to come later. Plus, you can purchase QR code stickers that will allow you to scan a box for a picture of what's inside of it. Technology will be your new best organizing tool!

Invest in a Storage Unit Near Gainesville Apartments

Now that you have packed everything up, you are probably wondering where to put all the stuff after you've moved out. In this case, you have to get a storage unit unless you have somewhere else to store your Gainesville apartment belongings. You can find storage units relatively cheap, but the price may vary depending on the size, storage location, and whether or not you need it temperature controlled.

Tour Your New Apartment in Gainesville

When you get the chance, try to tour your new apartment if you haven't already done so. Bring a measuring tape or ruler just in case you have something you might like to store in your Gainesville apartment later that might not fit. I suggest making a list of things in your furnished apartment and seeing if anything extra you might want to bring will be compatible with what's already in the space.

Take Note of Gainesville Apartment Condition

This step is underrated and can save you a lot of hassle down the road. Usually, when you move into a new apartment in Gainesville, you are given a unit condition form to fill out. This is where you take pictures and go around the apartment looking for damage before move-in. If you see anything concerning, write it down. The apartment complex will try to charge you for damages later unless you mark it on the sheet beforehand.

If you move into a luxury apartment, this is even more important because the damages charges will be significantly higher when the appliances and features of the apartment are newer and more expensive.

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