I don’t get along with my roommates, what can I do?

You are limited in what you can do since you have signed a lease and that is a legal contract, but take a breath, there are some options that are available and hopefully one will work out for you. First, if you haven’t tried talking to your roommates, try that first. Sometimes it’s just a miscommunication that if you just discuss it, it could resolve itself.

If you’ve tried that and that doesn’t work then try going to the Property Manager or Leasing Manager and explaining your concerns. They may be willing to either move you or your roommate/s to a new apartment within the community if one is available. Keep in mind, that even if you move, you will most likely still have roommates to work with as well as there could be charged a fee for transferring to a new apartment.

Next, if transferring doesn’t work, you can try to sublease your room. You can either do that through the management office or on your own. This will assist you in moving out without still having to pay for your current room. There are some potential issues with subleases though. One potential issue could be if you decide to just have them pay you the rent and you pay the office that they could decide to stop paying, leaving you on-the-hook for the rent on top of your current apartment rent. If you actually sign the lease over to the new person, you could be assessed a fee for doing so.

Roommates are hard, so that’s why roommate matching is so incredibly important. In the future, really work with your management office in your apartment complex and tell them what kind of roommate you are looking for and what type of person you are and be as honest as possible. It will only help you in the future.

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