As a parent, how will I know my child will be safe living off campus?

As the only child of a very protective and concerned mother, I know moving away from her almost threw her in a fit of extreme panic. My mom was super concerned about me deciding to live off campus—as most parents would. However, if your child is choosing to live in the UF apartments off campus, let SwampRentals help! Before your search, please keep in mind that no one can guarantee safety. Below are some things you can look for, but be sure to consider any additional factors that you may feel are important. Remember that crime has no address - it can happen anywhere.

There are many UF apartment rentals that offer the right level of security for its residents. These apartments vary from gated communities, UF apartments with security patrols or alarm systems installed in the units—all ways in order to ensure your young adult is safe. Gated communities require your child to approve of who's coming into the community with a press of a button. Courtesy patrols provide safety around the community overnight. Think of them like an active neighborhood watch that makes sure to keep the peace. Alarm systems provided by UF apartments go the extra mile to ensure your child and their belongings are safe.

But have no fear—your college student will feel safe on campus at night, too. If he or she has class that runs into the evening or is out on campus studying late, UFPD's Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (or SNAP) can pick them up and take them to where their car is parked. SNAP employees can even provide your child with a walking escort upon request. There are also specific towers on campus that at the press of its button, emergency services can be called to their attention.

To search which apartments have the security measures your child's looking for, use our search tools! On our homepage click on “Search All Apartments.” After you arrive on our customizable apartment search page, click on which security features your child would like to have under “Apartment Features” and “Community Features.” Once you've selected your options, you and your college student can review the results and choose the best fitting apartment for their lifestyle and schedule.

Whether your child decides to live in the apartments by UF or just a little drive away from campus, there are plenty of communities within Gainesville that will provide your child with great security. Gated communites, alarm systems, or courtesy patrols are three amenties that are a great start to finding an apartment you feel safe in. However, there are many other things you must think about. You must determine other safety factors on your own and look into those yourself before making a final decision.

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