When I search for “apartments Gainesville,” over 570,000 listings come up for the term. Why should I use Swamp Rentals to find my next apartment when I have so many other options under “apartments Gainesville”?

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Redpoint Gainesville
The Woodlands has many great apartment amenities like a swimming pool and volleyball pits without breaking the bank. Click to learn more!

Wow… that’s a direct question! We’ll answer it with a direct answer. First, our apartment rental guide was built by University of Florida (UF) graduates, Gainesville residents, and apartment managers. When it comes to Gainesville apartments, Swamp Rentals knows the market – and Gainesville, Florida. Second, if you’re looking to rent, the apartment search page on Swamp Rentals gives you the opportunity to search for things like “pet friendly,” “roommate matching,” or even if an apartment is close to UF. Third, if you’re not familiar with Gainesville and you don’t know if you should search for an apartment in midtown Gainesville or a rental in downtown Gainesville, you can count on the Swamp Rentals neighborhood guide to give you a guided tour. In the end, we want you to be happy with the apartment you decide to rent. That’s why we believe that we are the best choice, over all 570,000 listings that come up for the term “apartments Gainesville.”

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