What’s shopping like in Gainesville?

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Hub 3rd Ave.
Hub 3rd Ave. is within easy walking distance to the new Publix on University.

Being new to Gainesville means being new to everything – including where you shop. If you're like me, shopping is a big deal. Whether it is for groceries, new clothes or shoes, or even for things you need for the house, being situated and in the know where everything is at is important. Living in apartments in Gainesville means you're not far from these different shopping opportunities. Although most apartments are central to the University of Florida, it doesn't mean you're far off from the rest of what's going on in the city.

If you're looking to do groceries in Gainesville there's quite a few places for you to do so. Live in apartments near UF by Archer Road, 34th St., University Ave., or on 13th St.? There are three Publix stores on Archer Rd., a SweetBay Supermarket and a Publix on SW 34th St. and a Publix all the way up on NW 34th St. There's also a Trader Joes on Archer Rd., and the Target on Archer Rd. also sells some groceries. There's a Winn-Dixie and a Publix on Main St. in Downtown Gainesville. Live on the other side of I-75 near Oaks Mall? There's another Publix on Newberry Rd. just minutes from the Mall. If you're looking to save extra and don't mind driving a little further out from where you live in Gainesville, there are now two Super Wal-Marts. There is one out on Waldo Rd. past Downtown Gainesville and one on 34th St. and US-441.

Need a new outfit for that special night out or maybe a new suit and tie for that interview you just landed? No biggie! Gainesville has so many boutiques throughout the city to find clothes and of course, the Oaks Mall. On Archer Rd. there of course is Target and a Ross and now there's new stores you can go in and check out! There's Alumni Hall for all your UF apparel and team spirit needs and there's Pink Narcissus right next door, a boutique for those special ladies who absolutely love Lily Pulitzer. There's also some great thrift stores spread out Gainesville like the Goodwill, Cecile's, the Haven Hospice Attic Resale Store and more! Looking for more boutique stores? Try Henri Girl or Wolfgang Gainesville on University Ave. or Allure Boutique on Newberry Rd. And if you're looking to drive that extra mile, Tioga Town Center has boutiques as well like The Colorful Gator and Down to Earth, and there's a T.J. Maxx on Newberry Rd. as well.

Decorating your apartment in Gainesville allows you to express who you are and your style. If you're looking for new bed sheets, lamps or maybe some nice wall décor or coffee table accessories Gainesville has your back! Try Target, Wal-Mart, Pier One Imports, Ross, Michael's or T.J. Maxx/Homegoods. There's even the Repurpose Project in Downtown Gainesville that allows you to create art or things for your apartment and you “pay” by donations. Talk about cool!

Gainesville has great shops and boutiques and grocery shopping opportunities for you to save your pretty pennies!

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