Are there apartments available to rent near sorority row?

Yes. In fact, Swamp Rentals has a neighborhood guide just for that area. Sorority row has tons of apartments available, but leases get signed early in these apartments because they are in high demand. If you are interested in renting an apartment in this area of Gainesville, you should start looking for an apartment extra early, so you can find just want you want. This area of Gainesville is continually being updated, with new apartments frequently being built. While some of the new apartments are pricier, they offer luxury amenities, including things such as granite counter tops. Parking can sometimes be difficult in the sorority row area, so if you have a car, make sure the apartment you are renting in either has a parking lot or garage or provides street parking for residents. In some of the more populated areas of apartments in Gainesville are unable to provide sufficient parking for all residents. If this is the case at your apartment, you may have the option to purchase a city parking decal. Check with your apartment staff for more details.

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