Are there any apartments in Gainesville that are specifically for students?

While all Gainesville apartments are not limited to only students, there's a wide selection of communities that certainly cater to the student population! One of the main draws of these student-centric properties is their close proximity to the University of Florida or Santa Fe College campus. Gainesville knows that it is historically a college town; so many area apartment communities take advantage of any opportunity to offer their student residents different amenities and features to help facilitate their time in The Swamp.

Location is Key in Apartments Catered to Students

Apartments in Gainesville that many students opt for are the properties that are within close proximity to campus. Many students may move to the area without a car, so being able to bike or walk to class is a huge perk. Even if the community is a couple of miles away, Gainesville has an amazing bus system that caters to both locals and the college student crowd.  Gainesville's public bus, called Regional Transit System (or RTS by locals), is free to students, faculty, and staff with a valid ID from University of Florida or Santa Fe College. These communities are often situated next to a bus stop, so their student residents can catch a free ride to campus each day. Many students choose to live in these apartments that are so convenient to school so they can become more involved in campus life, cultural events, sports and much more.

Amenities to look for in Student Gainesville Apartments

Gainesville apartments that are very student-centric also offer their residents certain amenities that more traditional style communities may not. Some properties may offer resident activities, including movie nights, potlucks, pool parties or meet-and-greets. This is a great way for students who are new to the area to get acquainted with their neighbors and potentially make new friends.

Another feature that these student-centered communities may offer is a roommate matching service. An incoming freshman from out of state may not know many people, especially when it comes to finding someone to live with in apartments for UF freshman for an entire year. Roommate matching services will help match residents with each other based on personalities, lifestyles, study habits, cleaning style and much more. Most students even find their best friends by utilizing this service!

Types of Leases You'll find in Gainesville Apartments for Students

Apartments in Gainesville have two rental styles; by-the-bed or the full unit. This means, a resident can rent just their bedroom and pay for their portion of the common areas and utilities equally. And on the other hand, if you rent the full unit, you are in charge of paying for everything. You can find by-the-bedroom lease options in  apartments ranging from 2 bedrooms to 4+ bedrooms. Many students opt to go the route of "by-the-bed" so they are only held responsible for their portion of the rent. The great part is that many of these types of communities also come fully furnished. When a new student moves to town, all they have to bring are their clothes, laptop and toiletries!

Gainesville apartments that cater to students are also known to offer amazing lease specials. Many of these specials will coincide with the timeline of the semesters. Some communities may even offer semester-long leases, if you weren't particularly looking for a year-long commitment. Finding the right place that will help you enjoy your college life to the fullest is very important. Luckily, Gainesville has a wide variety of options to choose from if you are looking to live the true Gator lifestyle!

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