What is the best way to live "green" in an apartment?

Life is becoming more and more on-the-go, it seems like I never have much time to go out of my way and be environmentally friendly. But from recycling to reusing, there are a bunch of ways I found that I can help out the environment without any inconvenience - even while saving extra cash. To make it easy, UF, Shands, and lots of Gainesville employers are placing recycling bins around these days where I can throw away papers or plastics instead of throwing them in the garbage can. Gainesville apartments are joining in as well… most apartments offer paper, glass, and plastics recycling.

In order to save paper, I'm always using scrap pieces and making sure to print using both sides of each sheet. I also bookmark pages on the web instead of printing them out. Little things add up and help cut down on paper costs and waste build-up.

Another way I saved money and cut down on garbage was by buying a permanent set of plates and silverware for my apartment at the beginning of the year. That way, I didn't have to keep buying plastic utensils and plates and throwing them away after a one-time use. Carrying around a water bottle does the same thing. I drink a lot of water so always having water on me is a must. I fill up my bottle in the morning and keep it full throughout the day, avoiding extra trash and saving money on the purchase of water bottles.

One of the biggest ways I am “green” is by keeping a sand glass timer in the shower. By the time the sand reaches the bottom after turning it, I know it's been 5 minutes. It's a fun competition to see if I can “beat the clock”. This way helps me keep my showers quick and saves a load of money on my apartment's water bill. There are so many ways to be “green” without it cutting into your busy schedule. I always feel good knowing that I'm helping out the environment while leaving me that extra cash I can spend at the mall!

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