I'm transferring to the University of Central Florida from my college in Gainesville, any tips for finding housing if I'm a transfer student?

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So, you're getting ready to transfer to a new college or university in Orlando. Maybe it's the University of Central Florida or another local institution. Either way, choosing to transfer schools is a big decision and one that likely came with a lot of planning and hard work. At SwampRentals.com, we know it's totally possible for local college students to choose to transfer. A frequent choice is moving to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida to complete education. Whether you're transferring from UF to UCF or Santa Fe College to UCF or another local Orlando college, we've compiled a few tips to help ease your transition and plan your apartment search to set you up for success in your new community.

Tips for Finding Housing if You're a Transfer Student

Get to know Orlando and the University of Central Florida

UCF has experienced awesome growth over the past decade and has really solidified Orlando as a university town. When beginning your search for an apartment near UCF, you'll want to focus on the Winter Park neighborhood as well as Downtown, depending on the location of your classes. To learn more, read through our Orlando Neighborhood Guide. These neighborhoods are closest to UCF campus locations and offer prime transportation routes to make your commute to campus easy and stress free. Additionally, these neighborhoods offer plenty of student housing options with individual leases, entertainment and dining options for all interests.

Best Time to Search for Apartments and Sign a Lease

Our guide, Best Time to Sign a Lease, will help you understand timelines for beginning apartment hunting, narrowing down housing options, and signing your lease. If you're planning a Fall semester program start, the best time to plan to sign a lease is between December through February for a Fall move-in. It's also not uncommon for transfer students to start during a Spring or Summer semester. If you're planning a move to start your program during the Spring, you'll ideally want to sign your lease between September through early December of the year prior to the Spring Semester. For a Summer start, plan to sign a lease during February or March.

Roommate Tips for Transfer Students

As a transfer student to UCF, you may not know other students in the community or have roommates already arranged to share housing with. This is a great time to take advantage of roommate matching programs common at Orlando student housing communities. Through a survey or questionnaire, you'll share some information about your interests and habits and get matched with other roommates to share an apartment with. If living solo in a one-bedroom apartment, which is also an option, doesn't appeal to you then roommate matching is a great way to begin meeting friends in your new community. We also encourage you to get involved in campus activities and organizations that align with your interests. You may also consider looking for apartment amenities that offer organized resident events as another great way to meet neighbors and new friends. 

Whether you're transferring to the University of Central Florida from the University of Florida or Santa Fe College, these tips will prepare you for a great transition to apartment life in Gainesville. 

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