I’m from out of state and I just got accepted to UF. Are there apartments off campus close to the highways that’ll take me home?

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Coming from out of state to attend college can be stressful but our page, apartments for UF freshmen should make your search a little bit easier. Although the idea of moving out and living on your own can be scary when you're not familiar with the town you're moving to, it can also be exciting. It's your time to experience a little freedom and mature as an adult. But it's okay if you get a little homesick, too—it happens to the best of us. Who wouldn't miss mom's home cooking and friends and family?

Luckily, Gainesville is located in central Florida and is a stop on the interstate on your way down south. This swampy city is close to Interstate's 75 and 95. If you're from the north and parts of the south, these highways will take you straight on home, search for apartments near I-75 for an easy trip!

Apartments near UF's campus appeal mainly to students. But also, because UF is such a large campus, and the I-75 exit on Archer Road (one of the main streets in Gainesville) is just a few minutes away, these UF apartments are also close to the exits.

Swamprentals.com makes it easy to find your new home away from home. To search for apartments by location just access our "Gainesville Apartments" section and click on "All Gainesville Apartments." From there you're able to search by location and distance from UF, where on a map you can see for yourself just how far your next apartment is located. For example, Canopy Apartments and Cabana Beach Apartments are both within a short bus ride to the University of Florida and just 5 minutes away from I-75 North exits.

Make sure you research a little on each apartment complex to see which really works on your budget and needs. Just because it's close to an exit doesn't always mean it's the right one for your wallet. You can narrow your searches by setting the amount of money you'd like to set for rent also on the search page.

It's not uncommon for most freshman and out of state students to get a little homesick every once in a while. Taking a long drive to just get out of your college town shouldn't be complicated—Gainesville and the apartments by UF makes it easy.

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