Are apartments near UF a good fit for Santa Fe students?

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Theory Gainesville is bringing brand-new student living to Gainesville Fall '23, and is just a 20-minute bus ride on RTS route #10 to Santa Fe!

As a college student at Santa Fe, most apartments in Gainesville are tailored toward University of Florida students. However, apartments near UF are an awesome option for students at Santa Fe College!


The University of Florida and Santa Fe College are only six miles apart, or about a 12-minute drive or 20-minute bus ride. Many Santa Fe students chose to live in an apartment near UF and either drive or ride the RTS bus to campus free with their student ID. These apartments near UF are perfect for a Santa Fe student who wants to be close to the hustle and bustle of the UF campus. Living near UF allows you to enjoy the perks of nightlife in Midtown, and shopping and dining options on Archer Road. Additionally, many Santa Fe students are choosing to live in this area due to the brand-new Downtown Santa Fe Blount Center!

Built for Students

Apartments near UF and Santa Fe College are perfectly equipped to handle a college student's every need. These apartments offer many student-friendly leasing features like individual leases, where a renter signs a lease for just one bedroom in an apartment and is only responsible for their portion of the rent, or accepting guarantors to help renters qualify for any income requirements.


Most apartments near UF even utilize roommate matching to ensure that you are compatible with your other roommate. Roommate matching involves taking a questionnaire that asks you questions about your hobbies, living preferences, pet peeves, etc. Your apartment complex will gather all this information and choose a roommate for you that will match your living preferences. If you're someone who studies a lot or loves to have a quiet night in, your apartment complex will try and match you with someone else who enjoys the quiet. Living near UF gives Santa Fe students the opportunity to make friends with UF students whom they may not have met otherwise!


Many apartments near UF offer some incredible student-friendly amenities. Private study rooms allow you to avoid crowded libraries or driving back and forth from the Santa Fe campus and your apartment late at night when you need to finish that study session. 24-hour fitness centers allow you to get your workouts in whenever you have the time in your busy student schedule. Furnished apartments help students on a budget avoid the cost and hassle of furniture shopping.

Overall, apartments near UF continue to be an awesome option for Santa Fe students looking to rent in Gainesville. Get your apartment search started on Swamp Rentals today and find an apartment that meets your lifestyle and budget!

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