Are apartments near UF a good fit for Santa Fe students?

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Utilize the study rooms at your apartment - whether you go to UF or Santa Fe.

As a college student at Santa Fe, most apartments in Gainesville may be tailored toward University of Florida students. If you're wondering if the UF apartments might work for you too, the quick answer is yes. These apartments, although marketed toward University of Florida students, will work perfectly for a student at Santa Fe College.


The University of Florida and Santa Fe College are only about six miles apart. This is about a 11-minute drive or 30-minute bike ride. So, apartments located near UF are technically located near Santa Fe as well. The locations for these apartments are perfect for a Santa Fe student who wants to be close to student life and all the different activities that come along with it. If you want to hang out with some friends on campus or grab a bite to eat at a restaurant on Archer Road, your apartment will be perfect located to get you to both locations in no time. 

Built for Students

The apartments near UF and Santa Fe college are perfectly equipped to handle a college student's every need. With various amenities, like study rooms and fitness centers, UF and Santa Fe students alike can enjoy their college apartment. Even though these apartments might be primarily marketing to University of Florida students, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy these amenities too.


Some apartments even utilize roommate matching to ensure that you are compatible with your other roommate. Most roommate matching involves taking a questionnaire that asks you questions about your hobbies, living preferences, pet peeves, etc… Your apartment complex will gather all of this information and choose a roommate for you that will match your living preferences. If you're someone who studies a lot or loves to have a quiet night in, your apartment complex will try and match you with someone else who enjoys the quiet.


Apartments near the University of Florida offer some amazing amenities and have a great location but if you're just looking for a place close to school for you to crash after spending all night in the library, apartments near UF could definitely still work for you, especially if you have access to a vehicle. The University of Florida and Santa Fe are not as far as you might think. Only a short drive apart, these colleges are quite close, meaning any apartment near UF is also near Santa Fe.

Overall, all students are in school to get an education. The place of education doesn't matter near as much as what you learn. Although apartments might market more toward the University of Florida students doesn't mean that Santa Fe students shouldn't have the same access to quality apartments with great amenities. So, continue your search for the best apartment for you in Gainesville and don't worry too much about whether or not you are a UF student.

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