How does Swamp Rentals keep Gainesville apartment listings up to date?

As you're scrolling through over one hundred apartments on Swamp Rentals, you may have the question; how do all these listings stay up to date?

We have the most current information on apartments near The University of Florida on the web! Our team is dedicated to maintaining personal relationships with each of the communities listed on our site. We work together with each leasing team to create an individualized plan for updating their listing. Our team trains the staff at each property on how to login to and then how to manage the pricing, specials, photos, and descriptions on their listing. This way every property can always make changes themselves if needed. For example, during the months ahead of the fall semester, a lot of apartment communities will run specials with discounted pricing or rewards for signing a lease. With this training, an apartment leasing team can add a special to their Swamp Rentals listing in seconds!

Gainesville Apartments On Feeds

For continual updates, about half of our Gainesville apartment listings are maintained through integrating with the community's property management system. Essentially, this means that the prices, photos, and floor plan availability are automatically updated daily, and our listings are synced to the community's most accurate version. If you check the property's website, our listing's information will match up perfectly! This is great for when students are searching for an apartment later in the leasing season and may run into communities reaching capacity; you'll know for sure what floor plans are sold out or available. If you're living with your bestie in a two bedroom apartment, you'll be able to narrow your search.

Calling Our Apartments 

Our team is also on the phone with our communities once per month, managing rates and specials. This frequency is ideal, as many communities run pricing and deals on a monthly schedule. For the apartments that are not integrated, this means we are the first to receive the updated information. Our listings are often more current than the apartments' own websites! We also call integrated communities to say hello, double check any information, and hear about the upcoming specials. By talking to the leasing teams directly, we often get the inside scoop on up coming deals and can make notes like "limited availability."

Reviewing Listing Content

In addition to monthly calls, our team does a yearly review of all the listing content and photos. Each community description and amenity list are thoughtful written by a member of our team. We periodically check the content to see if we can improve to give renters a better sense of how it is to live at the community. This allows the chance to add in details if the apartment has been involved in a renovation, has exciting new amenities, or has had a change in management. 

When you're looking at a Swamp Rentals listing, you can be assured that it has been personally tended to by our staff. We stay in constant contact with our communities to ensure the best experience for our partners and the most up-to-date resource for renters.

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