What are some ways to enjoy Gator football away games near Gainesville apartments?

There's nothing quite like college football game day in The Swamp. When the Gators have a home game, the atmosphere is electric! However, even when the orange and blue is playing away, the city is still alive with plenty of great viewing options near Gainesville apartments. All you have to do is step into any local neighborhood restaurant or bar to see just how important these rowdy reptiles are to the community. If you're not traveling to the game out of town, rest assured that there are plenty of exciting options right here in town to get your Mr. 2 Bits on.

Apartments in Gainesville that are near the Midtown area are especially in luck. This area is absolutely bananas on game day, whether the boys are playing at home or away. There are so many great, locally owned establishments in this little slice of college heaven that both current students and alumni alike have enjoyed for many, many years. While the names may have changed over the years, the same great Gator atmosphere remains. Gather around the bar at The Social or get to Balls early in order to grab a booth (seating is SUPER limited. But the experience is worth it.) You won't go wrong with securing an outdoor patio seat at The Swamp Restaurant – they typically cart a large projection screen TV on the deck for the patrons to enjoy. Salty Dog and The Social at Midtown are other favorites in the community where the Gator Chomp runs rampant. A little further into Midtown, you'll find Mother's Pub, a no frills dive bar with a deep passion for the Gators – and beer! While Midtown is typically very college student-centric, people of all ages can be seen partying it up after a Gators victory – or drinking away their sorrows after a Florida defeat!

Gainesville apartments near Downtown also get to experience a great game day atmosphere. While college students do wander down to this area from time to time, it is typically frequented by young professionals and more established residents. Tall Paul's is a fantastic locale to enjoy the game, complete with multiple big screen TVs and bar games. Jack's is another local favorite with quite the following. While downtown often gets put in an upscale category, it most certainly still remains fairly causal. Maybe not as casual as Midtown, but blue jeans and a Gator shirt are welcomed! Pretty much any bar or restaurant you step into downtown will have the game on, so you can surely take your pick!

Apartments in Gainesville are typically only within a short drive to a sports bar or restaurant. On the Archer Road side of town, you can enjoy a packed bar and screaming gator fans at Miller's Ale House on any given Saturday. Over off of Newberry Road, Gators Dockside has a fantastic space with an enormous projection TV, perfect for watching those Gator touchdowns. Gator Tales is another local staple which offers a very casual watching atmosphere that is a favorite among residents.

The O' Connell Center will sometimes throw a viewing party in the arena, especially during big games. Be sure to check their website for more information on their schedules. And if all else fails, Gainesville apartments are a great location for any Gator party! Grab some coolers of ice cold beverages, throw some nachos in the oven, invite only the most diehard Gator fans and turn on your flat screen TV! Go Gators!

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