What exactly does “luxury apartment” mean?

Gainesville is full of different apartments communities, all varying in price, style, layout, location and more. One of the easiest ways to sort through all these options is by dividing apartments into two categories: "Luxury Apartments" and "Cheap Apartments".

While the term "cheap" tends to have some negative connotation to it, these apartments merely tend to be less expensive than the others. They offer the basic standards (some furnishing, amenities, etc) at a cheaper cost of rent. Though, these apartments can also be older and tend to have fewer features (older appliances, carpeted floors, etc).

Luxury apartments, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive. But with this higher rent, comes many perks…



Luxury apartments tend to be newer and frequently renovate and update their spaces. They usually offer more spacious floor plans and stylish furniture/appliances. Kitchens may feature black or stainless steel appliances.  Instead of carpet, the apartment may have sleek wooded or tile flooring. Some apartments feature balconies. These all add a high-quality feel to the apartment.


Luxury apartments offer the convenience of location. For students at The University of Florida, The Estates, Wildflower and University House are all within one-mile of campus. Other communities, such as LUX13 and 2nd Avenue Centre are located on a bus stop, providing residents with an easy commute around the city.


Luxury apartments also tend to offer a lot of features. Many provide 24-hour fitness centers or large, resort-style pools. Sporting facilities like basketball and sand volleyball courts are usually provided. Some communities even feature computer labs and wireless internet access.

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