What exactly is Mid Town and are there apartments near there I can rent?

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College Park Midtown
College Park is a great community right in the heart of Mid Town Gainesville!

If you’re new to Gainesville and still aren’t situated around the city, it could be a little confusing getting used to this town. There’s Downtown, Mid Town, Northwest, West and South Gainesville. It is a lot to take in. But you’re not worried about those – just Mid Town! Mid Town is basically a block on University Ave. across from UF and is an ideal spot to live if you’re a student. You don’t have to worry about taking the bus or driving to campus since it’s so close. A major plus is that there’s so much to do too! Mid Town Gainesville offers great opportunities for you to cut loose, grab a bite to eat and enjoy being close to UF. Have tacos on Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats or a fast and tasty sub at Jimmy John’s. The Swamp is one of the top restaurants in Mid Town and truly caters to the hundreds of Gators that pass through its doors and eat delicious meals on their outside porch. Mid Town has popular bars like 101 Cantina and The Salty Dog.

Because it’s a popular area and there’s so much to do, Mid Town is a great area to for students to live. There are lots of rental opportunities for students, from new, larger apartment complexes to duplexes and single-family houses. These options make it convenient for you to stay close to the action. Apartments near Mid Town make it easy for you to walk or ride your bike to campus. That’s a great way to save money on gas and saving the environment. Mid Town Gainesville feeds right into downtown Gainesville, so you can get to the downtown scene relatively easy.Choosing which option is for you is up to you but SwampRentals can help you find the apartments near Mid Town that really suit your needs. Apartments near Mid Town Gainesville come in all sorts of floor plans, sizes and price ranges. Choose from cozy one-bedroom apartments to large four bedrooms for you and your roommates. Don’t have a set group of friends to room with? Discover apartments that do the roommate matching for you. There are apartments near Mid Town Gainesville with resort-style pools and 24-hr fitness centers. Own a dog or a cat? There’s also pet-friendly apartments near Mid Town Gainesville!

Worried about whether you’re going to pay separate bills for cable and utilities alongside your rent? There are apartments near Mid Town Gainesville that bundle all that together making it easy to pay for everything all at once. Gas, Cox TV, water and electric – all included in your rent and we can help you find them! There are apartments near Mid Town Gainesville with microwaves, central AC, refrigerators, dishwashers and even washer and dryers included in the unit. At apartments near Mid Town you’re going to feel right at home and love living near all the fun in Mid Town Gainesville.

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