What is the Innovation District in Gainesville Florida?

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Experience simplicity with The Continuum's superb location nestled between the University of Florida campus and Downtown Gainesville near the Innovation District.
The Innovation District, originally referred to as Innovation Square, is an up and coming area of Gainesville nestled between the Midtown and Downtown neighborhoods and home to a robust start-up, technology, and research community. Given its proximity to the University of Florida and other leading enterprise level institutions, the Innovation District provides a home for entrepreneurs and other small businesses and concepts to thrive. The relationships built here foster collaboration amongst partners and access to venture capital as well as cutting edge technology, state of the art office and living spaces. Additionally, access to research partners are allowing new products and services to develop in an environment that is transforming business culture.

What businesses can I find in Innovation District?

From startups and tech companies like Eventplicity and Parisleaf to UF Innovate – The Hub, businesses have been calling Innovation District home for the past several years. To support this vibrant business community, popular local establishments to feed active business minds like Dick Mondell's Burgers & Fries are taking up residence in the Innovation District and becoming part of the community that works and lives here.

Are there apartments near the Innovation District?

Yes! The Innovation District in Gainesville is in a prime location. As mentioned above, this neighborhood is being carved out between midtown and downtown just east of the University of Florida campus. There are many apartment communities to choose from that put you right in the midst of the action and energy of this tech start-up community. From apartments right in the heart of the Innovation District to apartments in Downtown Gainesville, there are many options that allow you to live near the energy of this community.
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