What’s game day like in Gainesville?

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The Continuum is just half a mile from UF, a great location to be close to the action on game day!

Gainesville is very much a college town. In fact, it was ranked #3 in Livability 2013 survey of the "Top 10 College Towns" That being said, when the University of Florida has a home football game, the entire city is ready to celebrate. For that Saturday, Gainesville completely transforms. Residents are decked out, head to toe, in orange and blue apparel. It's almost impossible to step outside without hearing a friendly "Go Gators!" The UF spirit is everywhere.

The University of Florida campus undergoes the most obvious change during game day. In the wee hours of the morning, the tailgaters begin to arrive and set up. These caravans of family, residents and past alumni are ready to hang out, have fun and, most importantly, root on the Gators! By the afternoon, nearly every patch of grass is inhabited by a tent, truck or RV. Music is pumped through stereo systems, burgers are grilled and footballs, Frisbees and beanbags are all tossed about freely.

Some bars and restaurants offer special deals during game days. For example, Mochi Frozen Yogurt offers customers discounted purchases if they are wearing orange and blue clothing.

Be wary of driving around after the football game. Major roads like Archer Road and University Avenue can become packed with traffic. In some instances, the UF police department will shut down parts of campus order to better manage the flow of cars. Best advice: wait a few hours before you try to travel.

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