How do I decide which area of Gainesville is right for me to rent an apartment?

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The Mayfair
The Mayfair is located just a few miles from the University of Florida, UF Health, and the VA on Archer Road making the commute to work a breeze.

This is a great question, because choosing an apartment is a big decision in anyone's life—one that you want to get right the first time! Since everyone's preferences, hobbies, lifestyles, and needs are different, let me walk you through the major neighborhoods of Gainesville, FL so that you can identify the one that sounds like the best match for you. Then you can use Swamp Rentals to narrow down apartments in that neighborhood!

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Archer Road

A popular area for students and professionals, Archer Road is southwest of the University of Florida and full of restaurants and shopping. The Archer Road neighborhood is very convenient and has almost everything the average renter could need or want on a daily basis. Additionally, the nearby Butler Plaza, Butler North, and Butler Town Center shopping areas have undergone massive expansion and new shops and dining options open nearly every month. The entire expansion, at 758,000 square feet, will bring Butler Plaza to nearly 2 million square feet, making it the definitive shopping and dining epicenter of Gainesville. To get close to all of the action, search apartments near Butler Plaza. However, there is one drawback which is the heavy traffic that comes with the convenience on having so many places close by. Many RTS buses run through virtually every apartment community in the neighborhood if you don't want to deal with the traffic.

Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville is perfect for those looking for a more urban and exciting lifestyle. The home of entertainment and culture galore, downtown Gainesville hosts events almost every single day. UF's campus is not far from downtown, and RTS buses run to downtown apartment communities as well. Although there are less big box and chain store shopping options than a community like Archer Road, stores like Publix and Walmart are only short drives away from this neighborhood. 

Midtown Gainesville

Midtown could be considered the heart of student life in Gainesville. Only a short walk from campus, dining, and nightlife, this neighborhood is perfect for any student. Buses run through Midtown as well, though, so don't fret if it is raining or you're just plain running late! As with downtown Gainesville, shopping is not quite as close by as it is in the Archer Road neighborhood, but a short drive, bus ride, or carpool trip can fulfill all your grocery shopping needs! Living in Midtown is undoubtedly a fun an exciting experience, considering almost all of the popular bars and pubs frequented by Gainesville residents are within walking distance. 

Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is home to more conventional communities due its quiet neighborhoods and family-friendly atmosphere. Although not as close in proximity to UF as the above neighborhoods, the area is home to another college—Santa Fe. If you're looking for a quiet neighborhood to escape the hustle and bustle (and traffic) Northwest Gainesville is for you. 

Sorority Row and South Gainesville

Very close to campus and Greek life, the Sorority Row and South Gainesville neighborhood is a relatively quiet and secluded living location. Down the road are natural beauties such as Payne's Prairie nature preserve and Lake Wauberg. 

West Gainesville

West Gainesville is a diverse neighborhood filled with residential neighborhoods as well as student apartment communities. With shopping, restaurants, and nature trails, it is clear why it is a popular home for all sorts of people. West Gainesville is in close proximity to the Oaks Mall, Butler Plaza, movie theaters, and countless other things to do and see. Don't worry about not being right in the center of town—buses run by all our West Gainesville apartments. 

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