What are some tips for settling into my new Gainesville apartment?

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Welcome to Gainesville! Enjoy the true Florida lifestyle in the state's best mid-size city. Relax by the pool and get to know your awesome new neighbors in Gainesville's fun, modern, and socially active apartment complexes.

Moving to a new city and finding the perfect Gainesville apartment can seem like a daunting challenge. But never fear - once you've selected your ideal living situation, get ready to settle in and start enjoying life in this vibrant and welcoming town!

You've found a rad new place, either flying solo or with cool new roommates – now what? Here are a few handy suggestions that will make settling into your new Gainesville apartment a breeze.

Prepare the Nest

The first thing to do is make sure you've submitted a change of address form to the post office – it's easy to do online, and it only costs $1.05. Make sure you've also updated your family, your banking institution, and any delivery or subscription services you might enjoy.

Some local apartment complexes are all-inclusive, meaning they'll take care of getting your utilities set up. However, if your community doesn't offer that, you can get that done quickly here:

If you've chosen one of Gainesville's many student-friendly communities and plan to drive to school, you'll want to purchase a parking pass and familiarize yourself with the route for when you're running late. However, most students that live near campus save on parking fees and help the environment by walking or biking to class.

Lastly, it's always a brilliant idea to do one last walk-through of your new home while it's still empty. Find some zen by giving your place a thorough cleaning and airing to reset the vibes.

Moving Day

No matter how well-prepared you might be, the day of a big move is always incredibly stressful. Whether you've got friends and family helping or the blessing of a professional moving company, make the experience as pain-free as possible by creating a plan of attack.

  • Be sure anyone carting your stuff knows how to get there!
  • If your new abode has an elevator, let the leasing office know you'll be utilizing it on move-in day.
  • Have a diagram of your new apartment and your boxes clearly labeled according to room.
  • Stay hydrated – stock up on plenty of ice and water.
  • Secure your pets so they are safe and protected.
  • Take plenty of breaks – lifting and carrying is hard work.
  • Get your grub on – this is a great time to start learning your local food delivery options.

Once you're fully loaded into your gorgeous new Gainesville apartment, it's time to thank everyone for their hard work and relax for a little while. This is an excellent time to reward yourself with a dip in your complex's amazing pool!

Easy Living

Now that you're all moved in, get to know your new neighbors. Many Gainesville apartments have an active social scene at the pool, and some sponsor fun events for new and current residents.

Classes or a new job is also a fabulous way to meet people. If you're a pet parent, check out the local dog-friendly parks to find others who enjoy furry companionship.

Addicted to coffee? Coffeeshop hangs are a super way to make new friends – there was actually a whole show about it. Check out this awesome list of Gainesville's best caffeine shacks. Fond of adult beverages and the bar scene? This area is bursting with divine local breweries featuring tasty beers and snacks.

Gainesville is a bustling midsize city that's filled with awesome people and surrounded by loads of natural Florida beauty. You're sure to settle in quickly and start an exciting new chapter of your life. Keep checking SwampRentals for more fun ideas, life hacks, and tips on enjoying your new Gainesville apartment!


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