Welcome to our 2013 NCFAA "Supplier of the Year" Application Page!

Here are the videos that were featured on our 2013 NCFAA "Supplier of the Year" Application. Thank you and we hope you enjoy!

Swamp Rentals TV "Virtual Visit" - Canopy Apartments

Renters don’t always have the luxury of visiting an apartment in person, so we created “Virtual Visits.” These 3 to 4 minute professionally produced videos offer an interview and walkthrough tour of apartment communities that is similar to something they would expect to see on HGTV.

Renter & Client Testimonials - UF Spring Housing Fair 2013

Here is a video from the 2013 UF Spring Housing Fair that features renters as well as apartment community managers discussing their thoughts on Swamp Rentals.

The Continuum Case Study

Here is one of our clients, Lisa Smith of The Continuum in Gainesville, sharing her experience with Swamp Rentals and what we did for her community.