Get to know…Midtown Gainesville


The Midtown neighborhood is the area surrounding the University of Florida campus north of University Ave. It extends from NW 34th Street to NW 6th St. and up from University Avenue until you get to 8th Avenue. This area of town is student-central; many call it the heart of the Swamp. Students frequent this area in between classes or study sessions at Library West to grab lunch from the strip's many restaurants, for happy hour to celebrate passed exams, and to find the best tailgate parties on game day.


Students at UF will spend much of their time in Midtown already, so living here makes sense. For years, this area has been targeted to everything UF – the Gators play right across the street, and students can be seen making their way across W. University to and from class all day. Students who live in Midtown enjoy all the on-campus perks, such as strolling across the street to meet a study group at Library West or going to a concert with friends at the O'Dome, in addition to enjoying more spacious living in UF off-campus housing. There are tons of great wallet-friendly places to eat and drink, particularly in Midtown Plaza. Midtown also feeds right into downtown Gainesville, so you can quickly get to the downtown scene by bus, bike, or even on foot.

Things to Consider

Parking is a major consideration. Make sure your Gainesville apartment has some kind of parking option if you have a car, or contact the City of Gainesville to inquire about parking on the street. You might not need a car - Midtown is full of most major destinations for students (restaurants, bars, grocery stores, to-go food options, etc). Although, if you're looking for more shopping, you'll have to head to Archer Rd. or The Oaks Mall.

Gator game days are a major attraction in this part of town, too, so plan to be surrounded by literally thousands of visitors. If you choose an apartment in Midtown near Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, you will likely be able to hear the roar of the stadium from your front patio when the Gators score a touchdown. Living within walking distance to the stadium is a true Gator experience, your friends are going to be begging to come park at your apartment and tailgate on game day. 

Student Apartments in Midtown

Historically, Midtown has been known for quaint older rental homes and apartments, and students had to make the decision to trade luxury for Midtown's location right next to campus. New development in Midtown has made the area attractive for brand new apartment communities, with apartment construction along the north and east side of UF campus.

Collage of Photos in Midtown by the University of Florida

(Clockwise from top left): Library West sign facing W. University Avenue, Gator Wesley Foundation, Historic buildings at UF, Swamp Restaurant, Grateful Dead mural at Gator Beverage, The Social at Midtown bar.

How to Get to School

Getting to school is easy; a simple walk, bike or bus ride (if it's raining) should do the trick. A number of buses service only the UF campus (look for routes #117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 125, 126) and other city routes have stops on or near campus (routes #1, 8, 13, 16, 17, 29, 34. 43 and more). The routes you'll most likely use are the 5 (which runs east and west on University from the mall to downtown) and the 8 (which runs up and down 13th Street). Additionally, many students who live in Midtown have scooters, allowing them to get to class quickly and have an easy way to get around town.

The Midtown neighborhood is especially attractive to UF Warrington College of Business students, as the business college is located on the edge of campus, right on University Avenue. If you're a business gator, check out Apartments near the Warrington College of Business!

Attractions & Businesses 

Obviously, the University of Florida takes the cake in this part of town. Major on-campus destinations like Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the O'Connell Center (for performances, sports, conventions, etc.) and the Constans Theater next to the Reitz Union (UF's student union) are a short walk away. You'll also love being central to UF's Student Recreation and Fitness Center, the 2nd largest student fitness center on campus. Membership is included with UF enrollment and students get in with their Gator ID, so be sure to make use of this great facility!

Midtown is great for all sorts of food on the go, plus some great sports bars. Try Pita Pit for tasty pitas, Relish for awesome burgers, Pokebowl Station for deliciously fresh poke, or one of the bars along the strip. If you're looking for table service, try Piesanos for ridiculously good pizza and garlic knots. This neighborhood is also home to a couple of student-centered businesses, such as Study Edge for tutoring services tailored to UF curriculum and Target Copy for printing and purchasing textbooks or class note sets.

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